April 15, 2017

V4YS Mixes#36 - Cali Groove Tape

A groove tape to welcome the spring, lots of classics, lots of edits/reworks, a few newbies...and a laid-back atmosphere reflecting my feeling after coming back from a few days in San Francisco.

 California dreamin' !

March 6, 2017

The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Luaka Bop Records)

Let's keep on with cosmic Jazz vibes. Just dialing back the time while staying in the spiritual company of the Coltrane family. Almost at the same time Flying Lotus is releasing on his label Brainfeeder his friend Thundercat new album, Luaka Bop Records just gathered a fascinating collection of recordings from FlyLo's aunt Alice Coltrane during her "Hindi" period.

Picture this: late sixties, sunny California, Alice Coltrane's Hindu Ashram. Can it get any "Yogier" than this?
Well it can, if you immerse yourself in the various musical creation she wrote at the time and many years after, blending her Gospel roots, with Indian devotional music. 

This complete collection will be released in May 5th, in the meantime this splendid extract should "zenify" you!

March 2, 2017

Thundercat - Drunk (Brainfeeder)

More cosmic vibes from Californian craziest bass player. Joined by some usual suspects (Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington...) Thundercat (Stephen Bruner) just finished cooking a new rejoicing album, out on Brainfeeder.

If Drunk is not departing from his easily recognizable bass sound, it adds a soulful layer with a stronger emphasis on vocals than on his previous releases. West-coast creativity and laid-back feeling at its best!

Full streaming below:

February 28, 2017

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Live In Me (V4YS Rework)

One of the many recordings of Chaka Khan with Chicago band Rufus, "Live In Me" is part of their 1979 album "Masterjam", produced by Quincy Jones.

Warm and groovy, this song is also a bit "cheesy" to me by moments, so here is a nudisco rework, where I kept the grooviest parts while adding some punchier beats & bassline.

Free dwlnd on The Artist Union.

February 27, 2017

Bonobo - Migration (Ninja Tune)

Lots to catch up with. Let's start. It's hard to be caught out wrong when praising a Bonobo release. Ever since his first productions, back in the early 2000's, Simon Green has established himself as a cornerstone of the lo-fi/electronica world. His albums are exquisite sound forays, where organic instruments melt into fascinating sampling backbones.

Over the years he's also been increasingly incorporating guests vocalists and musicians to the mix, adding an ultimate layer of smoothness and exoticism to his overall work. This time around, Rhye singer or Australian producer Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy) join the party alongside a few others.

While maybe not reaching the heights of Blacksands (still my personal favorite record to date by Simon, from 2010), Migration is nevertheless getting close to it. So relax, and immerse yourself into this new exquisite journey.

Full streaming below:

January 20, 2017

The XX - I See You (Young Turks Records)

First unequivocal musical emotion of 2017 for me, The XX third LP, I See You, comes out right on time to heat our feelings.

5 years after their latest gem, the UK trio kept its poetic minimal pop signature while cheering things up a bit in a somehow more romantic atmosphere. Oliver Sim & Romy's vocals still works wonders, a perfect balance of strength & finesse, while Jamie XX's keyboards sounds got an extra dreamy vibe. Deep dive advised!

December 20, 2016

Vibes4YourSoul 2016 Favorites

Welcome to Vibes4YourSoul 2016 Favorites, an incomplete revisit of the records that inspired me most this year. In this selection, you'll find a healthy dose of eclectic vibes from all over the world, edging from nu-jazz, to indie, pop, folk,  hip-hop, lo-fi & electro.

It comes with a special chill podcast focusing on the "non-dancefloor" releases mentioned, plus a few extras (tracklisting below, dwlnd link here).

I hope you'll enjoy the journey,

Jm / Vibes4YourSoul


Thomas Cohen - Bloom Forever
(Indie, Folk / Stolen Recordings) 

Written in the wake of a personal tragedy (the brutal passing away of his wife), Thomas Cohen debut solo album echoes the best hours of 70's melancholic rock. A flawless orchestration built around slow rhythms and spacy guitars acts as a warm frame for his deep and touching voice (which reminds me of Suede's Brett Anderson in some way). The type of fluid record that almost immediately sounds like a long-time companion.

Melanie De Biasio - Blackened Cities
(NuJazz / PIAS Records) 

A fascinating one-track, 25mn-long record, built as a deep techno set, Blackened Cities is also the fusion of one of the most gifted & creative Jazz singer of her generation, into the notes of a handful of trusted talented musicians. If the words "musical journey" means something, this must be it.

Frank Ocean - Blond(e)
(R&B,NuSoul / Boys Don't Cry Records) 

4 years after the beautiful Channel Orange, another home-run from the young R&B UFO Frank Ocean. A nostalgic moment tainted with lo-fi shades of folk & soul, supported by a remarkable singing achievement. 

Bon Iver - 22, A Million 
(Indie, Folk / Domino Records) 

A musical rebirth following a deep depressive period for band leader Justin Vernon22, A Million blends the band's sublime melodic signature, to an addictive mysterious atmosphere distilled by an innovative homemade vocoder.

Blood Orange - Freetown Sound
(Electro-Pop, Indie, R&B / Domino Records) 

An unclassifiable artist, London-based Dev Hynes offers another fascinating musical experiment with his third LP as Blood Orange. Melancholic pad synths & Dev's majestic voice act as a common denominator for 17 ethereal tracks smelling something like futuristic soul with an indie-flavored pop accent. As chaotic as his compositions may sometimes sound, you'll easily get carried away by the warmth of the ensemble.

A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here...Thank You For Your Service 
(Hip-Hop / Epic Records) 
When a record has been rumored and hoped for so long, when the band in question is nothing short of legendary, there's this lingering "will they spoil the myth?" type of fear. Well...they didn't, and the 90's Golden age of Hip-Hop got a fast forward ticket to the 21st century.

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Special Night
(Soul / Big Crown Records)

Still brilliantly supported by his band The ExpressionsLee Field's voice seems immune to the passage of time. Classic soul ballads, funkier moments, he still does it all in 2016, as back in the day. A delightful old-school soul/funk journey.

Whitney - Light Upon The Lake
(Folk, Indie / Secretly Canadian Records)

Unpretending soulful folk melodies, a sweet falsetto voice singing love stories, a laid-back melancholic atmosphere...US indie duo Whitney do not reinvent anything there, but their debut LP flows naturally...and it simply feels good.

BadBadNotGood - IV
(Nujazz, Hip-Hop / Innovative Leisure Records) 

Pursuing their exciting journey in the worlds of NuJazz, Hip-Hop & Soul, the Canadian trio, now quartet, delivers its best record so far, retaining the fresh live-like sound from their debuts, while adding some wonderful vocal featurings & high standards studio quality to the mix.

DIIV - Is The Is Are
(Indie Rock / Captured Tracks Records) 

17 tracks, 17 great shoegaze infused indie anthems. If hazy effects still surround Zacharie Cole vocals, their presence is less pronounced than on the band acclaimed debut release Oshin, a successful evolution for the Brooklyn band which confirms its talent.

Ablebody - Adults Contemporary
(Indie, Pop / Lollipop Records) 

Bright, shimmering and nostalgic at the same time, Ablebody debut album is a perfect example of a "dream pop" wave that keeps getting bigger year after year. The twin brothers from LA master the art of designing crystal clear synths & guitars-led melodies, dressed-up with delicate ethereal vocals.

Flamingods - Majesty
(World, Jazz, Pop / Soundway Records) 

A multicultural collective blending Arabic and UK roots, Flamingods' sound transcends genres to create an exotic melting-pot hard to describe. Entering the jungle of Majesty is plunging into a luxurious atmosphere where disorientation is the new normal.

Nicolas Jaar - Sirens
(Electro, Downtempo / Other People Records)

One step further in the experimental & disorientation kind, the new LP from Nicolas Jaar is also a true concept LP. More than a collection of amazing sound textures, Sirens is an ambitious electronic symphony, where new doors open after each new listening experience.

Carlos Niño & Friends- It's All Happening
(NuJazz, Downtempo / Leaving Records) 
Also very much "experimental"It's All Happening is a Yogi-style cosmic Jazz experience and a condensed version of Carlos Niño intense creativity. Think Alice Coltrane, The Doors most cuckoo-land moments. Track-by-track zapping not recommended: if you really wanna open this gate to sweet transcendental meditation, you need to immerse yourself in the whole record, it's all happening here!

 EPs / Beat Tapes (more electro-centric)

Photay - Sadie EP
(Downtempo / Astro Nautico Records) 

A feelgood EP filled with lush sounds textures, dreamy keyboards and joyful grooves confirming the talent of this young American producer.

Mocky - The Moxtape Vol. III
(Downtempo, Pop / Domino Records)

The splendid third batch of Mocky's "Moxtape" series, gathering more of his signature dreamy moments, made of sweet piano and bells-led melodies.

Moscoman & Red Axes - Dikembe Manutu & Rage In The Cage EP
(House, Techno, Nudisco / ESP Records)
Israeli duo Red Axes have been resonating more and more loudly with me these last few months. Their techno sound is also delicately groovy, and fits well in my nudisco-oriented DJ sets. Among the many great releases from them this year, I picked this excellent deep slo-mo EP done with Berlin minimal producer Moscoman.

Yuksek - Sweet Addiction EP
(Nudisco, Pop / Partyfine Records)

The hit single's groove is infectious, spiced up by a remarkable vocal featuring from Her. But that's not all, a slo-mo dub pearl and a downtempo version of Make It Happen,feat. Juveniles make this EP a perfect teaser for a soon-to-be released new album.

Alex Gopher - Back To Basics EP
(House, Go 4 Music Records)
When I started DJing for fun, almost 20 years ago, Alex Gopher was one of my most trusted purveyors of fat French house sound. His come back hasn't made me feel any younger...but certainly almost as euphoric as back in the day, courtesy of an explosive EP that has been on heavy rotation in my sets all year-long.

Voilaaa - On Te L'Avait Dit Remixes EP
(Nudisco, House / Favorite Recordings)

French producer Patchworks's Voilaaa afro disco project meets Dimitri From Paris remixing magic. Funny French lyrics, unstoppable percs, what a dancing machine!
Lovebirds - The Hamburg Years Pt.2 EP
(Deep House, Nudisco / Teardrop Recordings)

German House producer Lovebids has been a core member of my house moments through his regular drop of groovy soulful mid-tempo house gems. This EP is a great example of his sound, the track National being one of my most-played track in 2016.

Sirens Of Lesbos - I Got New Feelings Ep & Essays Vol#3 Ep
(House, Deep Techno / Armada Music & Exploited Records)

Will your resist the infectious slo-mo grooves from this Spanish collective oscillating between house and deeper tech-inspired beats.

Alaia & GalloFeat. Kevin Hadden - Who Is He Ep
(House / Soul Heaven Records)
The timeless Bill Withers classic getting three quality house revisits courtesy of a powerful vocal performance by Kevin Hadden and producing skills of Alaia & Gallo, but also the inevitable Claptone as well as The Reflex, who definitely ranks high in my purveyors' list of amazing edits.

 EDIT of the year

Delegation - Oh Honey (Poolside Edit) + Le Pamplemousse - Gimmie What You Got (Poolside Edit)

For the last three years, Californian DJs and producers Poolside have been my number one source of inspiration and quality as a DJ and producer. These two reworks are just another splendid example of their gift for refreshing forgotten grooves.

Podcast Tracklisting:

Carlos Nino-Calimayan (feat. Nate Morgan & Yaakov Levy) / Mala-Sound Of The River (Feat. Sylvia Falcon) / Maylight - How Soon Is Now (The Smiths Cover) / Bon Iver-666? / Photay-Monday / Mocky-Exception To The Rule / Blood Orange-I Know / Frank Ocean-Pink+White (Feat. Beyoncé) / Kendrick Lamar-Untitled06 / Lee Fields & The Expressions-Special Love / Anderson Paak-Celebrate / A Tribe Called Quest-Whateva Will Be / BADBADNOTGOD-Times Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring) / Whitney-No Woman / The Tibbs-The Story Goes / Thomas Cohen-Bloom Forever / Cass McCombs-Opposite House / Ablebody-Backseat Heart / DIIV-Bent (Roi's Song) / Melanie De Biasio-Blackened Cities / Flamingods-Majestic Fruit

November 27, 2016

Bob McGilpin x Get A Room! - Sexy Thing (V4YS I Say Rework)

This one is a nod to the craziest sounds diggers I know, Jeff & Aurel, aka French duo Get A Room!
A while ago, they resurrected Sexy Thing, a 1978 gem from Bob McGilpin, editing it for one of their highly recommended Dig Out Your Own Spade compilations.

Here is my House/Nudisco take. 

Download link on The Artist Union

November 7, 2016

Vibes4YourSoul Mixes#35 - Indian Summer Tape

Old stuff, new stuff, groove, nudisco, house...hope you'll enjoy this new colourful mixtape gathering tracks I've been regularly playing these last few months.

Dwlnd link here.

November 5, 2016

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Special Night (Big Crown Records)

Among the many "back to the future" Soul/Funk artists that tried to bring back some 60's/70's magic to the 21st century, Lee Fields is certainly one of the most successful example.

His 2009 come-back LP My World is already a classic, that would fool many during blind tests aiming at identifying release years. If his productions since then were less memorable, his new album, Special Night,released this week on Big Crown Records gets close to reaching My World heights.

Still brillantly supported by The Expressions, Lee's singing seems immune to the passage of time. Classic soul ballads, funkier moments, he does it all in 2016, as back in the day. A delightful old-school journey.

October 13, 2016

Cedric Im Brooks - Africa (V4YS Motherland Edit)

Jamaican saxophonist & arranger Cedric Im Brooks is one of my most cherished reggae artist.

Actually, confining him to the reggae scene would be a massive understatement. A brilliant musician, he kept on blurring the lines between spiritual Free-jazz (think Sun Ra), Afro grooves (think Fela), Latin rhythms and, of course, Reggae.

A cornerstone of legendary label Studio One, his musical legacy is impressive & if you're not familiar with him, I urge you to dig into his most famous albums, mostly recorded in the 70's with his band The Light Of Saba (United Africa, Im Flash Forward or The Magical Light Of Saba) & get ready for some colourful funky journey.

Africa is one of my favorite track by him, an afro-funk jam whose joyful & infectious horns chorus is hard to resist. With a clear hint at the "back to Motherland" Rasta myth, Africa is also a great example of Cedric's spiritual Rastafari faith, often present in his songs lyrics.
Here is my DJ-friendly nudisco-flavored edit of it.

September 27, 2016

Sarathy Korwar - Day To Day (Ninja Tune)

Somewhere between Jazz and World Music, Day To Day, the debut album from percussionist & producer Sarathy Korwar is an exciting trip to this multicultural artist (US-born, raised in India, living in London) colourful global musical village.

Think 70's spiritual Jazz spiced up by Indian rhythmic elements. Sitars and tabla drums languishing vibes, acting as snake charmers for a saxophone, a piano or an electric guitar.

The addition of colourful street life samples have me thinking of Christophe Chassol work. A more essential parallel between the two artists: as for the french pianist masterpiece, Indiamore, Sarathy Korward's record is also a fascinating ode to open-mindedness, dialogue and exchange. Some basic values sometimes in short supply these days.

Out a few weeks ago on Ninja Tune, a couple of extracts below:

September 20, 2016

David Bowie - Young Americans (V4YS All Night Edit)

Released in 1975, the Young Americans album was recorded in the US, where David Bowie was living at the time under the heavy influence of philly soul and early disco sounds.
On this record David surrounded himself with musicians from these scenes, most notably Puerto-Rican Guitarist Carlos Alomar, as well as Luther Vandross, who features on various side vocals.

If Fame is, well, the most...famous track of the LP (and David first true hit with the US audience), the song Young Americans is extremely groovy as well, with its anthem-like chorus hard to resist.

Here is my "DJ-friendly" drummed-up edit of it.

Note for the French-speaking readers: que vous soyez fan de Bowie ou simplement interessés par son parcours artistique, je vous recommande l'excellente série de 4 podcasts que l'émission "La Grande Traversée" de France Culture lui a récemment consacré. Une plongée passionnante dans ses multiples périodes et influences, mais aussi son processus de création. Disponible en podcast/streaming ici.

September 12, 2016

Tamba 4 - Samba Blim (V4YS 43°6° Rework)

A late sixties/early seventies Brazilian band, Tamba 4 released three highly recommended LPs at the time, oscillating between laid-back Bossa/Jazz and groovier Samba flavas.

Here is a "housy" rework I just finished of Samba Blim, one of their most famous song, released in 1968 as part of an eponymous album.

August 29, 2016

Frank Ocean - Blond(e) (Boys Don't Cry Records)

4 years after the stunning Channel Orange, R&B UFO Frank Ocean is back with his second album, Blond(e), released on his own label Boys Don't Cry, a few days after Endless, a demo tape mostly aimed at fulfilling his contractual obligations to Universal.

A hyped profile inherited from his terrific debuts, a long list of prestigious guests, high expectations following such a long wait since his debut LP: this kind of recipe often spells disappointment. But the 28-year old singer & producer strikes another home-run with a nostalgic journey tainted with lo-fi shades of folk & soul, supported by another remarkable singing achievement.
A true concept LP ideal to shelter you from post-summer blues.