November 7, 2009

V4YS Concert Review - Alice Russel - Bataclan, Paris, 11/05/09

Alice Russel, Bataclan, Paris, 11/05/09
Busy week on the soul front in Paris!
After Maxwell on Tuesday, I went to see Alice Russel yesterday night, here is a quick feedback.

Set description :
Really sober stage, no decor or video projections, basic lightning set.
8-member band accompanying her : 1 drummer,1 bass, 1 guitar, 3 horns, 1 keyboard and 1 violin/chorus singer. Concert time : around 1h45mn

The concert :

After cool versions of some of her recent tracks such as "Living the life of a dreamer" or "Let us Be Loving", they oscillated between her repertoire and great covers.
Among them a particularly good Common's "The Light" interpretation followed later by a version of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" full of energy.
The last part of the show was more focused on tracks from her previous albums.

Impressions :
I enjoyed the gig, she definitely is one of the most beautiful voice of the current soul/funk scene, natural, warm and powerful. True, she lacks a bit of presence and dancing skills, but I guarantee her voice makes you easily forget that.
If I had to be a bit more critical I would point out that I found the whole show a bit too "academical".
I really missed the improvisations/solos that you usually get from this type of band from the upcoming soul/funk/afro scene (think of shows from Antibalas, Budo's band, Quantic orchestras, Breakestra....). I had the impression that her young band is maybe not yet living up to the really high standard she sets. I'm sure they will probably offer much "deeper" performances in the months and years to come with more experience.
Considering the enthusiastic response from the overall crowd yesterday, the last part of my commentary is maybe only due to me being too demanding!

Anyway go and see her whenever you have the opportunity, she is an incredible singer!

JmSelector 11/06/09

Thanks to Reg for the picture

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