December 28, 2009

Vibes4YourSoul Selection#4 - In The Mood For Folk

Welcome to "In The Mood For Folk"!

Call it "folk", call it "indie songwriters" or anything else you want, "In The Mood For Folk" selection is first and foremost about great melancolic guitars-based melodies. Simple beautiful songs I love to listen to peacefully while letting my thoughts wander.

Most of the tracks are relatively recent. Between "Guilty Cubicles", the instrumental intro piece by one of my favorite band, Broken Social Scene, and the outro "London Planes", a sweet ou-of-time instrumental gem by Bibio, you will mostly listen to a new generation of songwriters that I find particularly talented.
I'm talking about Bon Iver, Cass McCombs, Alexi Murdoch, Piers Faccini or the Erlend Oye galaxy represented by Kings of Convenience and The Whitest Boy Alive. These artists all share a common gift for writing great folk songs. I hope this selection will make you want to dig deeper into their productions.
Alongside this up-and-coming folk scene, I also picked underlooked "folkish" tracks from well-known musicians I love like Morrissey, Jean-Louis Murat or british nu-jazz combo The Cinematic Orchestra.

True, this blog is mostly dedicated to my love for "black" music in its multiple forms, but even though I don't follow the indie scene as closely, it remains a vital piece of my musical puzzle. So from times to times, when I'm in the mood for it, I'll drop a few messages on that matter that I hope you will find interesting.


(Oh, and I was about to forget, Happy New Year!)


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Tracklisting :
Intro - Broken Social Scene - Guilty Cubicles
Alexi Murdoch - Love You More
Piers Faccini - Two Grains Of Sand
Bon Iver - Re - Stacks
Kings Of Convenience - Parallel Lines
The Delgados - Accused Of Stealing
Cass McCombs - She's Still Suffering
Jean-Louis Murat - Dieu N'a Pas Trouvé Mieux
Solal & The Moonshine Sessions - I Lost Him (Feat. Melodie Cannon)
Morrissey - Mexico
The Whitest Boy Alive - Borders
The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home(Live, The Royal Albert Hall, 2008)
Cassandra Wilson - Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)
Outro - Bibio - London Planes

P.S. : Thanks to Littleblackbooks for the amazing artwork I shamelessly picked from his great Flickr gallery. Go check it out HERE if you liked it!

December 8, 2009

Vibes4YourSoul Selection#3 - Lyrics Do Matter

Sometimes lyrics do matter.
In this third musical selection I tried to pick tracks, mostly from the 60/70's jazz/funk scene, that blend unforgettable soulful vibes and thought provoking, socially-conscious lyrics.
In short, a kind of "when blues meets soul/funk" selection.

So-called "blaxploitation" is the word that often comes to mind when talking about these type of tunes, but I do not really like the term as I find it way too restrictive.
If most of these songs effectively originated in the afro-american black People fight for emancipation, I believe that the greatest artists of this "genre" have a timeless reach that goes way beyond this troubled period.

Don't Gil Scott-Heron's messages in tracks like the legendary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" or less well-known "We Almost Lost Detroit" still resonate really loudly?
Aren't Curtis Mayfield's "The Other Side Of Town" or Marlena Shaw's "Woman Of The Ghetto" songs sadly describing the inequalities and miserable urban conditions that too many people still have to deal with?
From inequalities to racial discrimination problems, from women's rights to environmental issues, or simply talking about day-to-day life difficulties, these artists' messages are still (sadly) very much up-to-date.

Being the noble heir of Blues/Gospel musicians and singers, this 60s/70s part of the soul/funk scene inovated by adding a groovy soulful musical frame to its message.
Deep & heavy keyboards, funky basslines, powerful voices, words for reflection : the result is timeless emotion.

Make your own opinion with the streaming below (or directly on :

Tracklisting :
Natural Essence - The Other Side Of Town (Curtis Mayfield Cover)

Clarence Smith - Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (From J.W. & J.R. Johnson)

Esther Phillips - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Gil Scott-Heron Cover)

Angela Bofill - People Make The World Go Round (The Stylistics Cover)

Vicki Anderson - The Message From The Soul Sisters

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street

Gil Scott-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit

Curtis Mayfield - Future Shock

Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto

24 Carat Black - Mother's Day

December 4, 2009

Vibes4YourSoul Mixes#2 - Groovy Beats

2d round of our mixes serie, "Groovy Beats" is a collection of jazzy hip-hop tracks.
From legendary groups like A Tribe Called Quest or Jurassic 5 to more recent artists like Kid Sublime or Julien Dyne, this selection is full of groovy rythms, warm keyboards and of course great lyrics flows.

Hope you enjoy it.

You can listen to the streaming below :

Tracklisting info on request