March 10, 2010

Build An Ark, Live Recording At Cargo, London (29/11/09)

We already mentionned on the blog California-based jazz collective "Build An Ark" (see our 2009 favorites records review including their latest album "Love Pt.1") as being one of our favorite jazz band at the moment.
The ensemble (45+ members!) set up by Carlos Nino is one of the leader of the current "spiritual jazz" movement, true to the legacy of the likes of Alice and John Coltrane, Sun Ra or Pharoah Sanders. I could attend neither of the two shows they gave in Europe following the release of "Love Pt.1, but I just realized they had the very good idea to record and broadcast the concert they did for the London Jazz Festival under the sponsorship of the Red Bull Music Academy.
So here is the 1h long set with a smaller band (8 musicians) than usual but for a nonetheless amazing musical journey.

This is inspiring spiritual/cosmic jazz music as I love, with warm fender rhodes notes floating in the air, spiritual flute, words of wisdom, deep contrebass and powerful horns.
I find this whole performance really amazing but I would like to especially highlight the live versions of "Celebrate" and "World Peace Now" from the latest album and the cover of Pharoah Sanders' "You've Gotta Have Freedom".
I really hope they'll be back in Europe later this year and will this time visit France as I'd love to see them.

In the meantime enjoy these peaceful vibes!

Tracklisting (I added the timing to help move through their player) :
Intro - short speach by Carlos Nino (27s to 3mn30s)

1/ Improvisation (3mn31s to 5mn20s)

2/ Celebrate (5mn21s to 9mn58s)

3/ A Love Supreme (9mn59s to 17mn20s)

4/ How Do We End All This Madness? (17mn21s to 25mn26s)

5/ We Have Not Come To Take Prisoners (25mn27s to 27mn34s)

6/ Sunflowers In My Garden (27mn35s to 32mn39)

7/ World Peace Now (32mn50 to 35mn45)

8/ Build An Ark (35mn46 to 40mn35)

9/ Improvisation (40mn35 to 44mn49)

10/You've Gotta Have Freedom(from 44mn50 on to 54mn20)

11/Bonus Track : Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Find A Way (Stones Throw)

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