March 27, 2010

Re-edits/Nudisco - Rayko re-edit of Andy Gibb's Shadow Dancing

We mentionned it already, the nudisco & old-school funk/disco re-edit tide has been getting higher and higher these last few years.
For anyone (like me) who likes to dig for underlooked groovy gems, the quest is never ending. A myriad of independent labels are regularly producing great Eps but this musical space is also full of passionate individuals that use the power of musical social networks to share their homemade little reworks.
So from time to time I'll try to highlight some of the underground talented producers I appreciate. Today I wanted to drop the name of Rayko from Madrid, Spain.
Alternating between his own great productions in a balearic nudisco style (some of which have been released on several underground labels like his, Rare Wiri records) and amazing re-edits that he regularly spreads around on his Soundcloud site, he is a great example of what I love with the current nudisco/re-edit thing.

And to me what better example of the definition of "a great edit" than his rework of a late 70's classic disco song from Bee Gees' younger brother Andy Gibb that is called "Shadow Dancing".
Below you'll find a youtube link to the original version of the song. It is still really nice and groovy but a bit too "flashy-disco" and "bee-gees" in my opinion.

Now when listening to the Rayko re-edit below, you'll see that he kept the groovy vibe intact (the bassline, the funky guitar phrase, the vocal chorus) but lengthen the intro, fattened a little the beats and added a few cool voice effects. The result is a much more contemporary funky disco track that nevertheless still carries this timeless 70's/80's signature.
Go check his soundcloud site to discover many more of this kind!
Andy Gibb - Shadow dancin (rayko edit) by Rayko

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