March 20, 2010

Soul Kitchen, From Fatih Akin

A short digression from the musical world : I wanted to mention the latest film from German/Turkish director Fatih Akin that is called "Soul Kitchen".
Not really a digression actually as black music plays a large role in this comedy that takes place in Hamburg (that will soon get as much fame from its soul/funk scene than for its container port!).

Fatih Akin is one of my favorite independant filmaker. His most famous movies, "Head-On" and "Auf Der Anderen Seite" are must-seen dramas bringing up, among other things, reflexions about immigration.
This time it's a comedy, the story of a guy that tries to revive his faltering restaurant and that gets help both from an eccentric chef (the brilliant Birol Unel, that also played the unforgottable main character from "Head On") and Music. Fatih Akin is an authentic music lover, he even plays as a dj from times to times and his selection for the soundtrack of this film is just great (from Curtis, to Mango Santamaria or The Isley Brothers).
Soul Kitchen is a refreshing funny movie that will have you smile and groove for a relaxing time.

The movie is just out in France and currently being released in several other countries after having been awarded in the Venice film festival.
Below the trailer with french subtitles :

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