March 16, 2010

V4YS Ep/Album Review - Bonobo - Black Sands (NinjaTune)

Bonobo (Simon Green) is well known by most downtempo/electronica lovers for the diversity and quality of his first 3 albums released on Ninja Tune in 01, 03 and 06. An outstanding musician (originally bass player) and a master in the use of the multiple opportunities brought by the computer age, his signature is a downtempo electro sound where discontructed beats, complex samples, heavy basslines and warm vocal collaborations often are at the forefront.
His new album, "Black Sands", stands up to the high standards set by his previous works.

The new Lp starts with an amazing combination : the light and exotic "Prelude" melts into "Kiara" where its strings melody with a kind of asian aftertaste gets more bewitching as a slow and heavy bass beat enters the scene.
Waouuw what a beginning!
Now you've started your journey, and you'll easily let yourself float to the rythms of jazzy downtempo tracks ("Kong","The Keeper", "Animals", "Back Sands") reminiscent of Ninja Tune mates "The Cinematic Orchestra" , deep two-steps gems ("Eyesdown", "1009" ) or typical Bonobo latin-flavored sweets ("El Toro", "We Could Forever").
Uk-based singer Andreya Triana adds a smooth nu-soul tone on three tracks, we are waiting in the months to come her first Lp with great hopes.

So to conclude, we have nothing else to say but a loud and clear "bravo" to Bonobo. Go get this album you won't regret it!

Below a free mix by Ninja Tune of the Lp, and a youtube link of the fantastic "Eyesdown" single featuring Andreya Triana.

Bonobo 'Black Sands' Album Mini Mix by Ninja Tune

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