March 18, 2010

V4YS Selection#7 - Slow Motion

"Slow Motion" is a selection of downtempo/abstract-beats tracks I like to listen to when in need of a deep & relaxing musical moment.
Not to be confused with the usual bullshit "lounge" stuff, these are diverse spacy tunes from several talented contemporary artists you'll may want to (re)discover.
Among other things you'll find warm & soulful keyboards from Chinese Man and The Detroit Experiment, the captivating voice of Sidsel Andresen, sweet pop treats from Tarwater and Mocky, and atmospheric beats from Julien Dyne and Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Ferguson.
So I invite you to have a sit on your favorite coach, take a deep breath, that's it!
You're now ready to (hopefully) enjoy this slow-motion parenthesis on the streaming below :
Note : unlike our usual "selections" some of the tracks are mixed.

I added the timing of each track on the tracklisting below for more convenience.

Tracklisting :
Chinese Man - Chinese Man (up to 3mn12s)
The Sa-Ra Creative Partners - The Bone Song (3'13'' to 6'43'')
Mocky - Birds Of A Feather (6'44'' to 11'04'')
Sidsel Andresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - Try (11'05'' to 14'54'')
Uko - Real (14'55'' to 18'00'')
The Detroit Experiment - Highest (18'01'' to 21'10'')
Raphael Saadiq - Skyy, Can You Feel Me (Dj Day Edit) (21'11' to 24'52'')
Julien Dyne - The Jung & Fine (24'53'' to 27'20'')
Carlos Nino&Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Extended Hands Of Giving (27'21''to30'37'')
Bigga Bush - Push Push (30'38'' to 34'32'')
Tarwater - Across The Dial (34'33'' to 37'44'')
Monolake - Bicom (37'45'' to 41'05'')
Smith & Mudd - 24-7 (41'06 to 45'23'')

More info/dwld link on request.

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