April 12, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Sylvain Beuf Sextet - Joy (Such Prod/Harmonia Mundi) (Jazz)

"Joy" is a well-titled groovy hard-bob jazz album recorded live by french saxophonist Sylvain Beuf and his new sextet band.

Sylvain is a veteran musician of the Parisian underground jazz scene, having sided over the years with many big names, he has been releasing several great records in a trio mode with his two inseparable friends Diego Imbert (contrebass) and Franck Agulhon (drums).
For this new project he decided to change the rules, moving on to a more ambitious sextet format.
Experienced trombone Denis Leloup and alto-sax player Pierrick Pédron joined the trio alongside pianist Jean-Yves Jung, to give life to Sylvain' 10 brand-new composing written under the (always!) powerful creative forces of Love.
The album was then recorded live during 4 nights at Dunkerke's Jazz Club (in northern France) and is now out on independent labels "Such prod/Harmonia Mundi".

This record is really well balanced, alternating between really funky-bop" tunes like "Sushi", "Trouble In My Glass", "Smile" or "Spatio Temporis" and more relaxed melodic gems like "Joy" or "Baikal Lake".
The quality of composings and arrangements gives an almost perfect breathing space to the talent of each of these 6 outstanding musicians. In a word this is contemporary nu-bop as I love, melodic, spontaneous and funky!
I did not see their recent show in Paris, I'm really looking forward to the next one. All their concert dates here.

Below a deezer streaming of two of my favorite tracks from the album, "Smile" and "Trouble In My Glass" :

Découvrez la playlist Sylvain Beuf avec Sylvain Beuf

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