April 26, 2010

V4YS Ep/Album Review - LTJ X-Perience - 3 Nudisco Ep's

Bologna-based Dj/Producer LTJ X-Perience (Luca Trevisi) is well-known to most nudisco/slow-motion deephouse lovers for his multiple productions and great re-edits on various labels like Irma or the absolutely stunning Super Value (you can check lots of his works on his soundcloud page).
I wanted to highlight 3 of his recent productions all released these last couple of months which I find symbolic of the current high-quality nudisco/re-edits musical space

Trip To Your Mind Ep (Arision Records)

The first Ep, released on Arision Records is a case in point in the "art" of re-edit. LTJ X-PERIENCE reworked of one of my favorite disco-funk anthem : "Trip To Your Mind" from Hudson People.
To me the result is what a good re-edit is all about : keeping the spirit of the original song intact and adding a groovy contemporary feel to it. Below you'll find a youtube player of the original song and a soundcloud player of LTJ X-Perience version to make your own opinion :
LTJ X-Perience re-edit :

Original track from Hudson People :

Secret Service Ep (Slazy Beats Recordings)

The second Ep deals with the other part of this musical space i.e. nudisco/slo-motion house.
"Secret Service" is a 2-track Ep released by LTJ X-Perience under the pseudonym of "The Beatdown Soundmachine" on the relatively new Slazy Beats Recordings label run by 4 passionate guys from Australia, Netherlands, Usa and Denmark. I actually urge you to check their blog where you'll find lots of  infos on what's goin on in this mid-tempo electro scene.
Back to this record : deep groovy tempos, short & heady vocals, funky basslines and guitars samples : my definition of this type of house!
Below a soundcloud player of the second track, "Groove Is On My Mind" (I bet it is!) :

Super Value Special Edits 09 Ep (Super Value)
Last but not least his last production for his amazing Super Value label.
Super Value Special Edits 09  lies in between groove and slo-mo house. I did not identify the several samples (especially the cool jazzy vibes on the first track) he used in these tracks but all I can say is that this Ep is another brilliant production from the Super Value crew.

Juno player with extracts below :

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