April 21, 2010

V4YS Ep/Album Review - Ramadanman - Ramadanman Ep (Hessle Audio) (Dubstep)

While reviewing on the blog "Triangulations", the fantastic latest album from Scuba, I mentionned that the experimental Uk dubstep space was one of my favorite electro area at the moment alongside nudisco.
Well, this new release from Marl Kennedy, aka Ramadanman (and Pearson Sound) brings more fuel to this already hot fire.

Only 22 years-old, Mark Kennedy has not only already released several innovative experimental dubsteb Ep's but is also one of the three creators of the Hessle Audio  label alongside fellow producers Pangaea and Ben UFO.
Halfway between an album and a simple Ep, this 6-tracker release is a great digest of the multiple outcomes offered by current experimental dubstep productions.
Dark minimal sound & complex percussions in "I Beg You", puzzling drums and melodic synths in "No Swing", weird bubbling bass and avant-garde rhythm in "Tumble". But to me the icing on the cake is the beautiful "Don't Change For Me" closing the record. Deepness with a big "D"! an amzing deep synth line and vocal sample supported by a heavy drum&bass rythm. What a pearl!

Short extracts below  (my favorite track "Don't Change For Me" is the 6th one) :

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