April 22, 2010

V4YS Mixes#6 - Feel That Groove?

Starting and closing with 2 classic groove jewels (Ben E King's "Street Tough" and Howard Johnson's "Keepin' Love New"), this 6th part or our mixes serie is mostly filled with great re-edits from several gifted remixers expert in giving a second youth to timeless funky vibes!

So will you "feel that groove"?

Soundcloud player and tracklisting below (click on the arrow for dwld).
Vibes4YourSoul Mixes#6 - Feel That Groove! by JmSelector

Tracklisting :
Ben E. King - Street Tough (Written By Willie Hutch) (Start to 4mn10s)
World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey Dj (4mn11s to 6mn35s)
Ackryte - Wouldn't Do(Instr.)(Rework of Bobby Caldwell's What You Won't Do For Love)(6mn36s to 8mn19s)
Bee Gees + Guitar (Rayko Edit)(8mn20s to 13mn10s)
George McRae & Gwen McRae - Mechanical Body (Super Value Edit)(13mn11s to 17mn25s)
The Geisha Boys - The Bose (17mn26s to 22mmn20s)
Mr Beatnick - What's Goin On Reconstruction (22mn21s to 24mn15s)
Darondo - Didn't I (Trishes Edit)(24mn16s to 28mn05s)
Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady (Rob Tex Mix)(28mn06s to 31mn20s)
Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation(Edit Of Imagination's Music & Lights)(31mn21s to 36mn40s)
Roberta Flack & Donnie Hathaway - Back Together Again (Super Value Edit)(36mn41s to 44mn 24s)
Howard Johnson - Keepin' Love New (44mn25s to end)

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