April 5, 2010

V4YS Selection#8 - I Need (More) Reggae

Spring is here (at least supposed to) and I thought it was a good excuse to make another reggae selection.

Listening to "I Need (More) Reggae" you'll find several beautiful songs at the twilight zone between soul and reggae, like this eternal cover of "Ill be around" by Otis Gayle, Joh Holt's "For the Love Of You", Marcia Griffiths' "Mark My Word", Tomorrow's Children's "Sister Big Stuff" or Cedric Im Brooks' "Chicken".
But that's not all! there are classic sunny reggae pearls like The Ethiopians' "Train To Ska-ville" or Zap Pow's "Sunshine People" and you may also enjoy relatively more classic spiritual riddims as Black Uhuru's "Satan Army Band" or The Gladiators' "No Wrong Idea".
Finally a couple of groovy dancehall/dub-like tracks, Frankie Paul's "What About Us" and one of my favorite song from Gregory Isaacs, "Temptation", close the trip. Actually not entirely as I could not resist to add this wonderful acoustic version of Gilberto Gil's "A Novidade", where brazilian music meets Jamaican rythms.
Enjoy! (and if you liked it you may also enjoy our first reggae playlist here)

Playlist streaming below (44mn long) or through the 8-track player :

Tracklisting :
Otis Gayle - I'll Be Around
John Holt - For The Love Of You
Derrick Harriott - Go Away Dream
Tomorrow's Children - Sister Big Stuff
Nicky Thomas - Lonely Feeling
Cedric Im Brooks - Chicken
Zap Pow - Sunshine People
Marcia Griffiths - Mark My Word
The Ethiopians - Train To Ska-Ville
Black Uhuru - Satan Army Band
The Gladiators - No Wrong Idea
Gregory Isaacs - Temptation
Frankie Paul - How About Us
Gilberto Gil - A Novidade (Live Accoustic)

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