May 4, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Kings Go Forth - The Outsiders Are Back (Luaka Bop Records)

It seems the classic 60's/70's soul/funk revival movement keeps getting bigger and bigger, and we love it!
After Lee Fields, Sharon Jones or more recently Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos, here comes another old-school soul/funk album called "The Outsiders Are Back", first LP from Milwaukee-based Kings Go Forth.
To be honnest this album  is not a complete surprise as some of the album's tracks, such as the smashing "One Day", were released during these last two years as singles or appeared in nu-funk compilations (like Soulshaker).
Still, the 10-member band led by bass player Andy Noble and veteran singer Black Wolf reach a new level with this LP, released on the independant label Luaka Bop Records, that should appeal to many classic soul/funk lovers.
Using old-school productions technics, the band offers amazing vocals (with backing chorus perfectly answering Black Wolf's truly touching leading voice) and a brilliant rythmic section.
Also worth noting is the diversity of soul music styles that can be found in this record : from funky hits like "One Day", "Now We're Gone" or "Get A Feeling" to mid-tempo melancolic tunes like "Fight With Love" or "High On Your Love", or disco-style Tom Moulton's remix of "Don't Take My Shadow".

I hope they'll be touring in Europe in the coming months, for the moment Us audience can check their tour dates on their site (and they should as I heard their live acts stand up to the quality of their releases).

Below the already famous "One Day" :

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