May 8, 2010

V4YS Ep/Album Review - Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record (Arts And Craft Records)

This blog is first and foremost about my love for "black" music in its widest sense, but as I said in our first folk podcast post (available here), I'll be mentionning indie/folk favorites from time to time as it also is an essential part of my musical universe.
This week one my favorite band in that space, Toronto-based collective Broken Social Scene, has finally released on the label Arts And Craft an outstanding 4th album titled "Forgiveness Rock Record".

Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning are still at the helm of their resplendent ensemble but there have been several changes in the making-of.
The core band is tighter (7 main members on this record) and they left their canadian homebase to record this album in Chicago with local indie-scene musician and producer John McEntire. Some thing did not change however, they sticked to to their "collective "spirit by having lots of guests and "additional members" participate in the record such as well-known former members Leslie Feist and Emily Haines and several windy-city's alternative rock scene musicians.

So what does it sound like?
This album is definitely closer from traditional "indie rock" than their previous works, with most tracks being true "songs" with vocals as opposed to the more abstract "compositions" distinctive of their fantastic ealier productions.
The brilliant opening anthem, "World Sick", symbolizes this. If the band is immediately identifiable notably through their mesmerizing deluge of guitar sounds and deep extended intro and outro, the power radiating from the amazing chorus feels "indie" in its primal sense. So does the heavy like "Forced To Love" that should rocks quite a bit when performed live or "Water In Hell".
Still, their unique melancolic ambient sound signature is never far way and keeps meandering gently deep inside this record. It sounds all the more this way in more laid-back songs like "Sweetest Kill" and "Romance To The Grave".

The band has evolved and explores new territories with "Forgiveness Rock Record". Overall this new indie atmosphere is more cheerful than what they had accustomed us to, but the feeling of fragility and humanity radiating from this new masterpiece is as vibrant to me.

Below an overview of the record starting with the massive "World Sick" :

The band recently started a world tour, check their myspace page for all dates.

(I'm actually desperatly looking for a ticket for their May gig in Paris as it got sold out before I woke up!)

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