June 28, 2010

Another Ltj Xperience Groovy Edit

No much info on this one, but this nudisco midtempo groove speaks for itself! Another killer track from the man from Bologna, Italy (more from him in this post).

One Man Edit - Feeling Dance (sampler) :

V4YS Ep Review - James Blake - CMYK Ep (R&S Records)

Uk dubstep gems keep on coming!
After the recent jewels (among others) from Scuba or Ramadanman, here comes the latest Ep from the young Uk producer James Blake called "CMYK", released on belgian label R&S Records.
The 4 tracks on this Ep bring you to a parallel world full of claps, fine-tuned micro voice samples, discontructed beats, and deep synth waves.
I loved the man recent Ep on Hessle Audio, called "The Bells Sketch", but "CMYK" is another step ahead. Pure deepness!

Below a streaming of my two favorite tracks from the Ep : "I'll Stay" and "CMYK" :

June 21, 2010

V4YS Special Selection - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Today is supposed to be the first day of the summer,  I'm actually not so sure considering the winter-like temperature in Paris at the moment or this soccer world cup that is just a long bad dream for me.
Anyway I thought the 21st June date was a good enough excuse to set up a special selection of covers from one of my favorite classic soul track : "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by Roy Ayers Ubiquity.
In this special selection you'll find nu-soul cuts from Ramp, D'Angelo or Erikah Badu but also a recent brazilian version from Seu Jorge. The lists ends up with an explosive drum&bass dub version from Buzz.
Streaming and track-by-track dwnld links below :

June 15, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Theophilus London - I Want You Mixtape

We mentionned Brooklyn-based rapper Theophilus London earlier this year following his great "This Charming Mixtape" and his showcase at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards (review here).
The man recently released another mixtape, called "I Want You" that you can stream or download for free here.
In the same spirit as the first one, this mixtape also goes in a wide range of directions, mixing pop, electro or soul musical backgrounds with his really distinctive lyrics flows.
The result is uneven but there are a few gems inside like his impro on Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" or the really groovy "LightYears" sampling Roy Ayers.

Below the hot video from "I Want You" where Theophilus plays with some r&b clichés!

June 9, 2010

V4YS Mixes#7 - Deep Riddims

Dub, reggae, deep house and dubstep share the stage in the 7th part of our mixes series.
"Deep Riddims" starts with mid-tempo groovy reggae/dub sounds to slowly but surely go deeper into heavier electronic beats like recent great tech/dubstep tracks from Applebim & Ramadanman,  Pangaea or Scuba.

Hope you like it!

Tracklisting, streaming and dwlnd links below. 

Tracklisting :
Smith & Mudd - 24-7 (Recloose Remix)
Beatconductor - Hottest (Dub) - 3mn30s
Johny Osborne - We Need Love (V4YS Small Edit) - 7mn45s
Dj Vadim Feat. Katherin DeBoer - Black Is The Night - 11mn35s
Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again (Tom Croose Edit) - 15mn28s
Monolake - Bicom - 18mn25s
Nomumbah - Like A Rainbow - 21mn28s
Eva Be - Unite Tonite (Feat Sugar B) - 24mn30s
Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous Le Sable - 27mn14s
Liapin - Redskin (Agnes Remix) - 32mn45s
Karol XVII & MB Valence - Jazzified - 38mn38s
Pangaea - Router - 44mn30s
Scuba - Three Sided Shape - 47mn50s

June 6, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Femi Kuti - Day By Day Remixed Volume1

Femi Kuti  is used to have a wide range of electro artists rework his nu-afrobeat productions.
His second album, "Shoki Shoki", was followed in 1999 by an outstanding "Shoki Remixed" Lp with remixes from several legendary deep-house producers such as Joe Claussel, Kerri Chandler, François K or Maw's Nuyorican Soul. Some of these electro versions have become deep-house classics (think of the reworks of the song "Beng Beng Beng" for instance).

This time around he asked several up-and-coming producers to remix songs from his 5th album, "Day By Day", that was released last year.
"Day By Day" blends afrobeat and more relaxed west-africans rythms, it is therefore not surprising that this "remixed" version focuses more on reggae/dub & downtempo/beats sounds rather than house (like it was the case for "Shoki Remixed").
Symbolic of this Lp style, the two reworks of "You Better Ask Yourself", in a reggae/dub style by Bost & Bim and in a  broken-beats fashion by General Elektrik, or the gentle downtempo version  of the beautiful "Day By Day" song from The Folkdub Posse. If house is not the dominant theme of this record it is nevertheless not totally absent either, as proven by the explosive "Let's Make History" dancefloor rework from Cassius.

All in all, if this LP does not match the quality of the original album, it is nevertheless a refreshing extension of Femi's work. These sunny afro-electro beats may not be unforgettable, but they are quite simply great for the season!

Below a deezer streaming of my three favorite reworks : "You Better Ask Yourself" remixed by Bost & Bim, "Day By Day" remixed by The Folkdub Posse and "Let's Make History" remixed by Cassius.

Discover the playlist Femi Kuti - Day By Day Remixed with Femi Kuti

More about Femi on the blog : you can check here our review of Femi's recent live show in Paris at The Casino De Paris which contains a great full video of the concert!

June 1, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Christian Prommer - Drumlesson Zwei (!K7 Records)

We often hear about electronic music influenced by jazz, afro or latin beats.
Munich-based drummer, Dj and producer Christian Prommer's "Drumlesson" project works the other way around : he and his musicians start with classic tech/house anthems and re-adapt them to a "real" modern-jazz format.
Drumlesson Vol.1, released in 2008, was a nice surprise, he does it again this year, exploring tunes from the likes of Carl Graig, Laurent Garnier, Dj Rolando or Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham among others.
Contrary to the first opus, Drumlesson Zwei is a bit more produced which to me explains why some of the tracks lack some of the freshness and spontaneity found in the Vol.1. Still, if this second Lp is uneven, some reworks are truly outstanding like the explosive "Groove La Chord", a rework from a classic techno track from Aril Brikha.

Below Christian Prommer's "Groove La Chord" version :

And to compare, the original track from Aril Brikha :