June 6, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Femi Kuti - Day By Day Remixed Volume1

Femi Kuti  is used to have a wide range of electro artists rework his nu-afrobeat productions.
His second album, "Shoki Shoki", was followed in 1999 by an outstanding "Shoki Remixed" Lp with remixes from several legendary deep-house producers such as Joe Claussel, Kerri Chandler, François K or Maw's Nuyorican Soul. Some of these electro versions have become deep-house classics (think of the reworks of the song "Beng Beng Beng" for instance).

This time around he asked several up-and-coming producers to remix songs from his 5th album, "Day By Day", that was released last year.
"Day By Day" blends afrobeat and more relaxed west-africans rythms, it is therefore not surprising that this "remixed" version focuses more on reggae/dub & downtempo/beats sounds rather than house (like it was the case for "Shoki Remixed").
Symbolic of this Lp style, the two reworks of "You Better Ask Yourself", in a reggae/dub style by Bost & Bim and in a  broken-beats fashion by General Elektrik, or the gentle downtempo version  of the beautiful "Day By Day" song from The Folkdub Posse. If house is not the dominant theme of this record it is nevertheless not totally absent either, as proven by the explosive "Let's Make History" dancefloor rework from Cassius.

All in all, if this LP does not match the quality of the original album, it is nevertheless a refreshing extension of Femi's work. These sunny afro-electro beats may not be unforgettable, but they are quite simply great for the season!

Below a deezer streaming of my three favorite reworks : "You Better Ask Yourself" remixed by Bost & Bim, "Day By Day" remixed by The Folkdub Posse and "Let's Make History" remixed by Cassius.

Discover the playlist Femi Kuti - Day By Day Remixed with Femi Kuti

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