July 18, 2010

V4YS Concert Review - Quantic And His Combo Barbaro Feat. Alice Russel - Live At Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, 170710

Will Holland's (aka Quantic) latest project called "Quantic And His Combo Barbaro" resulted in a phenomenal album last year tittled "Tradition In Translation", blending Colombian latin vibes with Soul&Funk (for more info about it, you can check our "2009 favorite records" selection).

After a first remarkable concert in October 2009 at the Bataclan in Paris, the combo was back in town to visit the "Cabaret Sauvage", current host of the great "Sin Fronteras" world-music festival.
A regular guest singer on several former Quantic productions, nu-funk singer Alice Russel was also part of the show to add to the excitement.

Nidia Gongora & Quantic
 Yesterday the combo was composed of 8 members (drums, congas, piano, contrebass, electric guitarist, percussions, alto sax, trumpet) among which Quantic on guitar, the legendary latin pianist Alfredo Linares or Heliocentrics's drummer and leading member Malcom Catto.

Alice Russel
On vocals the mesmerizing colombian singer Nidia Gongora shared the stage with Alice Russel who appeared as a guest on three songs.

The band offered an explosive performance that lasted almost 2 hours. They alternated between funky latin tracks from the album, classic colombian cumbia songs, a killer boogaloo track from Alfredo Linares old-school days and a few soul/funk tunes when Alice Russel was in charge (among which her classic groovy  song with Quantic Soul Orchestra called "Pushing On").

On top of their musical excellence I particularly appreciated the enthusiasm of each band member. These guys enjoy themselves, you can feel it, and I guarantee the joy easily spreads to the audience! Nidia Gongora fantastic stage presence best illustrates this.

A must-see band if they happen to play anywhere near you!

Below videos from yesterday's live version of  "Mas Pan" :

Un grand merci à Vincent pour ses superbes photos!


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  2. Hey! I was at this concert and had a simply unforgettable time. I agree with your assessment - the band was off the hook and each piece was played with enthusiasm, professionalism and that essential ingredient: soul...
    Plus, I think Cabaret Sauvage was the perfect setting for such a special moment. thanks for posting your thoughts, the pics and vids! (Especially coz you caught me in one - the girl with the yellow flower in her hair :)
    Profites-bien des prochains concerts à Paris!