August 29, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Ninjatune)

Here is an album I have been expecting these last few months as I particularly enjoyed Uk singer Andreya Triana first featurings with artists such as Flying Lotus or Bonobo (on his brilliant latest LP called "Black Sands, review here).

This positive impression was also confirmed with the release earlier this year of her first solo single "Lost Where I Belong", a beautiful "folkish" song where her deep voice blends perfectly with a Bonobo-made acoustic melody.

So here it is!
This first Lp, also titled "Lost Where I Belong", produced by Bonobo on Ninjatune is a rather short album with only 9 tracks. Suffice it to say this is more than enough to demonstrate the lady's songwriting and interpretation talent!
On a musical frame oscillating between folk, soul and downtempo, Andreya delivers her river of words in an intimate way. Sweet as she may be, her voice offers a subtle dose of harshness and gravity that give her work a feeling of maturity and genuineness.
True, I had hoped that she would have explored more musical universes than downtempo ballads in this Lp as she brilliantly did in her multiple prior collaborations as a guest (electro, funkier sounds...). Let's say she has ample time to widen her solo scope in future productions!

Having seen her for a great short live shocase with Fink and Bonobo earlier this year during Gilles Peterson's worldwide awards (review here) I hope she'll be soon presenting live this album in small and intimate venues.

Below a streaming of one of my favorite track, "Draw The Stars", where the complicity with Bonobo's magical musical atmosphere is at his best :

And a beautiful acoustic version of the single, "Lost Where I Belong" :

August 16, 2010

V4YS Album Review - Forbidden Dialect - More Than Your Money's Worth

"Quality self-produced underground Hip-Hop" is how I would defined Georgia-based collective Forbidden Dialect's album called "More Than Your Money's Worth".
The 6-member crew living in the city of Colombus, starts with a great beatmaker, "Redd", who has a true feeling for sampling a wide range of grooves, from underrated funk/soul tracks to afrobeat or west-african sounds.
This soulful musical background enables the 5 talented MC's (Amorphouz, Cycle Logic, Flux, Jason & Joey) to deliver right on time their sometimes poetic, sometimes humoristic, sometimes politically-conscious thorough lyrical flows.
The result is a refreshing hip-hop album that will bring you back to the fundamentals.
Good for you, the crew shares it freely on this site where you can stream it or download a high-quality mp3 version.
So spread the word, this forbidden dialect definitely deserves to be legalized!

Below a streaming of two of my favorite tracks :

"A Decade Later", with a cool sample of the timeless Fela classic "Lady" :

"Azawas", a great groovy track reminding me of a song from the band "Usual Species" a few years back and whom I can't remember the title :

August 4, 2010

V4YS Mixes#8 - In Love With Nu-Soul

To celebrate this great Nu-Soul year here is a mix presenting nu-soul & jazzy hip-hop tracks I particularly enjoy.
You'll find some classic cuts from D'Angelo, Common, Arrested Development but also recent gems from Erykah Badu, Jose James, Julien Dyne or Electric Wire Hustle.
Heavy beats, nice keyboards/piano melodies, sensual lyric flows, music for love!

Divshare streaming below, click on the player to dwld.

V4YS Mixes#8 - In Love With Nu-Soul from Vibes4YourSoul at

Tracklisting :
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Show Us A Feeling
Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
D'Angelo - I Found My Smile Again
Arrested Development - In The Sunshine
José James - Save Your Love For Me
Julien Dyne - Fallin' Down (Feat. Parks)
Electric Wire Hustle - Perception
Common - Geto Heaven Ft. D'angelo
Dj Vadim - Talk To Me Feat. Sena
Common Sense - Resurrection (Instrumental)
Ayak & First Man - Can We Go Back
Bonobo - The Keeper (Feat. Andreya Triana)
Inohs Sivad Feat Diamondancer - Somewhere Else
Owusu And Hannibal - Delirium