September 27, 2010

V4YS Selection#10 - Latin' Cookin'

Let's try to extend a bit the summer that supposedly ended this week by listening to the 10th (sunny) edition of Vibes4YourSoul musical selections.
Focusing on contemporary latin sounds, this 50mn-long podcast will have you travel between Brazil, Cuba, Colombia or Spanish Harlem.
From the melodic bossa grooves of Vinicius Cantuaria and Clara Moreno to the energetic latin jazz beats of The Har-You Percussion Group, The Har-Fly Orchestra or Cesar's Salad, I hope you'll enjoy this spicy trip and that you'll be willing to dig deeper into these artists works if you haven't done it already!

Tracklisting, streaming and dwnld links below :

Tracklisting :
Vinicius Cantuaria - Praia Grande (start to 5'41'')
Diesler - Cotton Wool (5'42s to 9'31'')
Har-You Percussion Group - Barrets Bag (9'32'' to 14'10'')
Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Llego La Orquestra (14'11"" to 20'10'')
Havana Cultura Band - Arroz Con Pollo (20'11'' to 23'40'')
Nu-Braz - Roda (23'41'' to  28'28'')
Clara Moreno - Litoranea (28'29'' to 32'15'')
The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Carioquinha (32'16'' to 36'47'')
Cesar's Salad - Bolivia (36'48'' to 40'51'')
Seu Jorge - Burguesinha ( 40'52'' to 44'59'')
Calambuco - Calambuco (45' to end)

Ce 10ème épisode de nos sélections musicales vous emmènera au Brésil, à Cuba, en Colombie ou encore à Spanish Harlem pour une sélection de sons latinos prolongeant un peu l'été qui vient de s'achever.
Présentant uniquement des artistes contemporains la reçette de ce "Latin' Cookin'" regorge d'ingrédients épicés :  la bossa subtile de Vinicius Cantuaria ou Clara Moreno, le latin jazz explosif du Har-Fly Orchestra ou de Cesar's Salad, la salsa joyeuse du Spanish Harlem Orchestra ou encore les cocktails novateurs de Diesler ou du Havana Cultura Band.
J'espère que le menu vous plaira et vous donnera envie de (re)découvrir cette pléiade d'artistes de talent.
Tracklisting, streaming, et dwld links du podcast ci-dessus.

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