November 16, 2010

V4YS Concert Review - Cinematic Orchestra - Dorian Concept - London Metropolitan Orchestra Live In London - Royal Albert Hall - 141110

As a sort of climax of its 20th birthday celebration, Ninja Tune's crew brought back Cinematic Orchestra to the Royal Albert Hall.
Helped by the London Metropolitan Orchestra the band had already performed there a couple of years ago for a unique date that subsequently gave birth to a now famous live recording release.
Having missed this first gig in 2008, I could not pass on this second opportunity to see one of my favorite band in such an amazing venue.
As a surprise the label had also invited Brazilian Dj/producer Amon Tobin to introduce musician/composer Ilan Eshkeri's orchestral arrangements of some of his acclaimed electro productions but also the young Austrian producer Dorian Concept for a special set with several musicians from the Metropolitan.

Ilan Eshkeri & London Metropolitan Orchestra's Amon Tobin Project :
If Amon could not make it to the evening, Ilan Eshkeri and the London Metropolitan Orchestra could still open the evening by presenting what I found being a subtle and ethereal interpretation of some of Tobin's works.
This was another interesting example of the emerging connexion between electronic/soulful music and classical ensembles (Cinematic Orchestra of course but also Miguel Atwood-Ferguson or Floating Points Ensemble being some of the leading artists in that space). I do hope this performance will pave the way for a studio release, it clearly deserves it!

Dorian Concept & members of London Metropolitan Orchestra :
Playing Rhodes keyboard and using his laptop to launch a few background samples, Dorian Concept was joined by a drummer, and 5 musicians from the Metropolitan (2 violins, 3 double bass) then later by a sax.
As much as I have been enjoying his recent abstract/electro productions, I have to say I was even more thrilled by this special set-up.
To makes things clear I'm a Rhodes junky so it's difficult for me not to enjoy when a gifted musician like him puts this instrument on the forefront of a live set! But that was not the only reason, the drummer (Clemens Bacher aka Cid Rim) was outstanding, with notably great long drumming parts focusing on cymbals, while the strings quintet presence added a beautiful dose deepness and spirituality.
Below a couple of rough audio extracts from the set, the first one rather deep/ambient with the strings quintet, the second one more soulful with the sax :
Extract 1 :

Extract 2 :

Cinematic Orchestra & The London Metropolitan Orchestra :
Heidi Vogel & Cinematic Orchestra
Cinematic Orchestra finally came on stage and offered us a 1h30mn-long show full of sensitivity and finesse.
If I was not really surprised by the performance in itself as I have been listening a lot to the multiple live recordings from the 2008/2009 "Ma Fleur" tour, I was nevertheless totally captivated by the softness and gravity of their music that truly takes another dimension when supported by such an impressive classical orchestra.
Jason Swinscoe's crew interpreted classic tracks from their 3 must-have albums "Everyday", "Man With A Movie Camera" and "Ma Fleur" (tracklisting below). I had secretly hoped they would play one or two brand new cuts from their fortcoming LP to be released next year but I'll have to wait!
Patrick Wilson made a stunning appeareance on a couple of tracks ("To Build A Home" and "Into You" if I remember well), the purity and spirituality emanating from his voice definitely makes him a very special artist.
The same goes for Heidi Vogel who contributed on 4 or 5 songs, the power and deepness of her singing and her undeniable charisma are a perfect addition to the band.

A moment of grace really, a big thank you to the Ninja Tune team for having set up this unforgettable evening!

Tracklisting (educated guess)  :
Burn Out / Child Song / As The Stars Fall / Into You / Flite / Familiar Grounds / Breathe / Man With A Movie Camera / To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson) / All That You Give

Below a video of "To Build A Home" with Patrick Wilson (sorry for the camera shaking at the start), and "Burn Out" that opened the set :


  1. Magnifique cet belle review

  2. A truly marvelous show from the start of the night with LMO, Dorian Concept & of course the superb Cinematic guys together with LMO to finish. Things don't get any better.