January 29, 2011

V4YS Concert Review - Manolin El Medico De La Salsa - Live In Paris, New Morning - 280111

A true legend in Cuba, Manolin "El Medico De La Salsa" (nicknamed this way as he started his career while still in med school in La Habana) was visiting Paris yesterday with his 9-member band (2 co-singers, 1 drummer, 1 congas, 1 bassist, 1 keyboard, 3-piece horn section).
They offered a red-hot New Morning audience 2 hours of pure salsa cubana/timba presenting tracks from Manolin latest album "Tiener Que Ser Manolin" and several oh his classic tunes.

Manolin' energy, unstoppable lyric flow and communicative joy are truly outstanding on stage.

Supported by an infectious rythmic section delivering powerful afro-inspired beats symbolic of Timba music and a furious pianist, he is an absolute must-see for anyone who likes to dance to cuban sounds.

Despite my feet hurting a bit this morning, I want more!

Below a couple of video extracts from the show, check this piano solo on the second tunes (around the 4mn mark!) :

Véritable légende à Cuba, l'un des fers de lance de la salsa cubana/timba était de passage hier à Paris. 
Manolin "El Medico De La Salsa" (surnom dont il a hérité au début de sa carrière alors qu'il était étudiant en médecine à La Havane) est venu présenter son dernier album "Tiener Que Ser Manolin" accompagné de son orchestre de 9 membres (2 choristes, 1 batteur, 1 percussioniste, 1 bassiste, 1 pianiste et une section cuivres de 3 musiciens).
Energie, flow irrésistible et joie de vivre communicative, autant d'ingrédients qui ont retourné un public du New Morning qui n'attendait que ça.
Bien aidé par une section rythmique surpuissante ou l'influence afro (typique de la salsa cubana) est très présente mais aussi par un pianiste déchainé, le "docteur" n'a pas laissé beaucoup de répit aux nombreux danseurs. J'ai un peu mals aux pieds aujourd'hui mais quel plaisir!
Ci-dessus deux extraits vidéos du concerts.

January 26, 2011

Jose James Soundcloud site - Live at Kcrw radio & Coltrane Project studio versions

A quick post to urge you to visit José JamesSoundcloud site where I just realized he recently (kindly) put streaming & free download links of many unreleased gems.
Among different things a great live session of his 2010 "Blackmagic" tour recorded at KCRW radio in LA as well as several studio versions of his brilliant project around the music of John Coltrane with belgian pianist Jef Neve that I have already mentionned several times on the blog. Below a couple of extracts :

"Blackmagic" live at Kcrw radio (LA, 2010) :

Studio version of "Central Park West", a timeless John Coltrane theme :

Many more on his soundcloud site!

Ce court post pour vous suggérer de vous précipiter sur la page soundcloud de l'incontournable chanteur jazz&soul José James.
Je viens en effet de réaliser qu'il y a récemment ajouté plusieurs splendides morceaux inédits (downloadable gratuitement). Parmi ceux-ci une superbe session radio live de sa tournée 2010 suivant la sortie de l'album "Blackmagic" mais aussi quelques enregistrements studio de son remarquable projet autour de la musique de John Coltrane partagé avec le pianiste belge Jef Neve qu'il ont présenté live lors de quelques rares concerts en 2009 et 2010.

January 24, 2011

V4YS Concert Review - Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards - Koko, London, 220111

Another year, another great Worldwide Awards evening set-up by Gilles Peterson and his great crew at Brownswood Recordings and BBC Radio One!

This 2011 edition took place at Koko in London and offered an ambitious line-up focusing mostly on the up-and-coming electro/dubstep/abstract beats scene that was the source of many of last year most interestings releases.

The highlights of the evening were the remarkable live acts from James Blake, Flying Lotus and Mount Kimbie as well as cool dj-sets from the likes of Ramadanman, Scuba and LeFto.

James Blake
On vocals, keyboard/vocoder & piano, James Blake came on stage in a trio format with a drummer and a guitarist/sampler. 
He offered a glimpse of his long-awaited first LP to be released early february. 
A mixture of beautiful folk melodies and innovative electro samples & rythms, his sound signature is already easily recognizable by those (like me) who are addicted to his first few astonishing Ep's (see our 2010 favorite records review for more info on these!).
Still, I had never seen him perform live and this short set was enough to definitely convince me that James is much more than a talented home-studio producer.  
I was impressed by the pureness of his singing as well as his mastering of voice effects in live conditions. His Feist cover of the song "Limit To Your Love" was a moment of grace!
Can't wait for the LP!

Flying Lotus
Featuring as a surprise guest and being awarded the album of the year award for "Cosmogramma", Flying Lotus energized the crowd with a condensed live version of his brilliant LP (on that matter also check the brand new "alternate takes" of the album just released on Warp records).

Obviously really happy to receive such a warm welcome, he insufflated a breeze of laid-back californian coolness inside a Koko room that would surely have voted for a much longer session of his magical discontructed abstract beats if the timing of the evening had permitted it.

Below a rough video of "A Cosmic Drama" & "Computer Face/Pure Being" :

Last but not least, let’s mention the great live act from the Mount Kimbie duo. 
Buzzing around their samplers, a drum-set and an electric guitar, they interpreted a few tracks from their must-have LP “Crooks And Lovers”. 
A short but outstanding vocals impro by James Blake on their last song should give them some ideas!

So overall a stimulating musical evening (with also nice performances by artists like Brandt Brauer Freak, Four Tet & Rocketnumbernine) that gave an extended snapshot of a musical space currently blooming.
Thanks a lot to Gilles and all his team for consistently setting up events of this quality!

January 19, 2011

V4YS Album Review - Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Alternative Takes (Warp Records)

As a gift to those who own a copy of his outstanding "Cosmogramma" album released in 2010, Warp Records and Flying Lotus just released 9 alternate versions of some of the album tracks.
Feeling groovier and jazzier than the original versions, these alt takes are a great extension of the LP.
I particularly enjoy the magicals strings from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on "Computer Face" and the brilliant track "Archway" by Teebs who recently released himself a really good album called "Ardour" on FlyLo's label Brainfeeder.

Below a streaming of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson version of "Computer Face" and  "Archway", remixed by Teebs :

Dès qu'un album électro connait un peu de succès on est souvent rapidement bombardé de remixes divers et variés de qualité souvent très moyenne.
Warp Records et Flying Lotus sont plus éxigeants. Les heureux possesseurs de "Cosmogramma", sorti en 2010, se voient offrir sur le site du label une série de 9 versions alternatives de certains morceaux. Plus jazzy et groovy que les originaux, ces titres sont un superbe prolongement à l'album. 
J'apprécie tout particulièrement la version de "Computer Face", magnifiquement orchestrée par l'incontournable producteur et violoniste Miguel Atwood-Ferguson ainsi que le titre "Archway" de Teebs, jeune producteur qui a lui-même récemment sorti un album intéressant "Ardour" sur le label de Flying Lotus "Brainfeeder". Streaming de ces deux morceaux ci-dessus.

January 14, 2011

V4YS Concert Review - Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell - Live At New Morning - 130111

Vinicius Cantuaria
Vinicius Cantuaria is one of my favorite brazilian musician.
An outstanding guitarist, he also is a remarkable bossa songwriter and singer. After his latest brilliant solo album released last year ("Samba Carioca") he recently teamed up with american jazz-guitar legend Bill Frisell, to record "Lagrimas Mexicanas", an original project marrying latin rythms to electric jazz guitar melodies. that should be out on January 25st.
Bill Frisell

Supported by brazilian percussionist Marivaldo Dos Santos, the duo offered the New Morning two sets focusing on this new recording plus some of Vinicius's bossa songs.
Sensitivity, softness, escapism are several words that come to my mind when willing to describe what I felt during this show.
Marivaldo Dos Santos & Vinicius Canturaria
Marivaldo Dos Santos is a sort of magician of rythms, using a silver ice bucket, a simple tambourine or just his own hands, he's able to create a subtle latin rythmic frame inside which Vinicius Cantuaria and Bill Frisell can let their guitars have free play.
The inimitable enchanting bossa-playing style of one and the melodic virtuosity of the other make up for a perfect combination.
A moment of grace in this wild wild world!

Below small videos of "Calle 7" and "Lagrimas Mexicanas" :

Vinicius Cantuaria est un de mes musiciens brésiliens préférés. Guitariste hors-pair, il est aussi un remarquable compositeur et chanteur. Après son excellent dernier album solo "Samba Carioca", paru en 2010, il s'est lancé dans une collaboration avec Bill Frisell, guitariste jazz américain de renom. A la clé un album mariant rythmique brésilienne et guitare jazz électrique intitulé "Lagrimas Mexicanas" dont la sortie est prévue pour la fin de ce mois.
Accompagné du percussionniste Marivaldo Dos Santos, le duo a offert hier soir au public du New Morning deux sets présentant ce nouveau disque et quelques-unes des chansons solos de Vinicius.
Sensibilité, justesse, douceur et évasion, tels sont quelques uns des mots qui me viennent spontanément à l'esprit lorsque je repense à ce concert.
Marivaldo Dos Santos est une sorte de magicien du rythme. Un seau à glaçons, un simple tambourin, voir uniquement sa paire de mains, il ne lui en a pas fallu beaucoup plus pour créer un subtil cadre rythmique duquel a pu allègrement déborder le talent de Vinicius Cantuaria et Bill Frisell. L'envoûtant jeu bossa du premier, la virtuosité et le sens de la mélodie du second, la coupe fut vite pleine d'émotions. Un joli moment de douceur dans ce monde de brutes!
Ci-dessous deux petites vidéos de "Calle 7" et "Lagrimas Mexicanas".

January 5, 2011

V4YS Album Review - Ackryte/Broke/Repeat Pattern - Love Exposure (Cascade Records)

The first review of 2011 is a beautiful broken beat/jazzy hip-hop production from a relatively unknown trio : Ackryte, Broke & Repeat Pattern.

United States, Japan and to a lesser extent, France, have always been the leading places for great jazzy hip-hop productions. So when two US-based beatmakers "Ackryte" and "Broke" are joined by a third one from Japan, "Repeat-Pattern", under the umbrella of a young independent french label, Cascade Records, to work on a musical project joining the dots between jazz and hip-hop you can expect something cool!
And guess what? "Love Exposure" is definitely cool! It gathers 22 short tracks, most of them instrumental, all of them carrying groovy beats and incredibly soulful keyboards, strings or horns samples.
I have to say I'm not totally surprised by the quality of this LP as I was already familiar with Ackryte thanks to  the wonderful Soundcloud site (a must source of hunting for any new sounds digger) where he has regularly been releasing amazing beats demos for more than a year now (I even included one of his track in a groove mix recently).
Dj Mitsu, Jay Dilla, Guru's Jazzmatazz, Jazzy jeff, Jimmy Jay, the Jazz Liberatorzs, many outstanding names from the Us, Japanese and French hip-hop scene come to mind when listening to this very promessing first LP that you can freely download on Cascade Records bandcamp page or listen below :
Go for it, pump up the bass level of your speakers and grooove!

Cette première review de 2011 s'intéresse à une splendide production "broken-beat / jazzy hip-hop" d'un trio relativement obscure (pour l'instant!) Ackryte, Broke & Repeat Pattern.
Les Etats-Unis, le Japon et dans une moindre mesure la France ont toujours été les endroits de référence pour quiconque aime le hip-hop mâtiné d'influences jazz. Alors quand deux beatmakers américains "Ackryte" and "Broke" sont rejoints par un troisième compère japonais "Repeat Pattern" le tout sous la houlette d'un jeune label indépendant français, Cascade Records, pour travailler sur un projet associant beats et influences jazz on a légitimement l'eau à la bouche (ou devrais-je dire "aux oreilles"). 
Et bien on a raison car ce "Love Exposure" est une réussite! Les 22 titres, tous de format assez courts et pour la plupart instrumentaux, allient beats au groove irrésistible à une pléiade de samples soulful (keyboards, strings, cuivres) pour un son qui rappelle de nombreux noms incontournables des scènes US, japonaises et françaises (en vrac les Dj Mitsu, Jay Dilla, Guru's Jazzmatazz, Jazzy Jeff, Jimmy Jay, the Jazz Liberatorzs...).
Je dois tout de même avouer que je ne suis pas totalement surpris de la qualité de ce disque car cela faisait un petit moment que je suivais Ackryte sur l'indispensable site Soundcloud ou il poste depuis plus d'un an d'excellentes démos, (j'avais même inséré un de ses morceaux dans un récent mix groove du blog).
Quoi qu'il en soit cet album est en download gratuit sur la page bandcamp du label Cascade Records (full streaming ci-dessus aussi)! Alors montez les basses de votre ampli et place au groove!

January 1, 2011

Vibes4YourSoul 2011 Greetings!

Dear readers,
let me wish you all a great new musical year full of  fresh new sounds, great live acts and funky surprises!

As far as I'm concerned I'll do my best to keep on highlighting and promoting on this blog the independent artists I love.
As usual your feedback to improve and develop Vibes4YourSoul or simply to express your support is more than welcomed!

To start 2011 on a sweet and poetic note I thought Gil Scott-Heron's legendary song "A Lovely Day" would be particularly appropriate :

Keep your ears wiiiide open!

Jm / Vibes4YourSoul

Chers lecteurs,
ce 1er janvier est pour moi l'occasion de vous souhaiter à tous une très bonne nouvelle année musicale pleine de découvertes sonores, de concerts mémorables et de vagabondages funky!
Mes résolutions sont simples : continuer à faire de mon mieux pour mettre en valeur sur ce blog les artistes indépendants que j'aime. Vos suggestions pour améliorer et enrichir le contenu de Vibes4YourSoul ou tout simplement vos marques de soutien seront comme toujours les bienvenues!
Pour débuter l'année sur une note humaniste et poétique j'ai pensé que le sublime morceau "A Lovely Day" de Gil Scott-Heron serait particulièrement adapté (streaming ci-dessus)!


Jm / Vibes4YourSoul