May 4, 2011

V4YS Album Review - The Revenge - Reekin'Structions & 6th Borough Project - One Night In The Borough

Anyone loving groovy underground house and so-called "nudisco" sounds has probably heard of Graeme Clark or one of his many different projects (The Revenge, Ooft, 6th Borough Project...). The Glasgow-based producer has consistently been releasing killer grooves for the last 3 or 4 years. His specialty? Re-Editing classic gems and creating irresistible slo-mo undergound house beats.
Following countless great EPs and remixes, he now changes gears to simultaneously release his first two LPs, Reekin'structions and One Night In The Borough.


Let's start with Reekin'structions, out now on Z Records.
Produced under his The Revenge alias, this album is a compilation of disco/funk re-edits in which Graeme brilliantly demonstrates that editing truly is an art.
Starting with a very interesting selection of mostly overlooked 70s & 80s rare grooves, he manages to retain each track's original soulfulness while adding a subtle house touch by alternatively rejuvenating basslines, drums or synth layers.
His rework of Lletta Mbulu timeless disco anthem "Kilimanjaro" probably is the best example of this editing talent, but his edits of tracks like Nel Oliver's Dream On or Johnny Adams' Feel The Beat also show his ability to ignite dancefloors with slower-tempo grooves.
Editing with a capital "E", period!

Courtesy of The Revenge's soundcloud page, please find below a streaming of the album :


Then comes the LP "One Night In The Borough"  from 6th Borough Project on the excellent label Delusions Of Grandeur.
6th Borough is Graeme's house side, a project he set up in 2008 with Edinburgh-based veteran Dj & producer Craig Smith.
This Lp only features new material covering the various  underground house styles 6th Borough has accustomed its fans in the remarkable series of EPs released since their debut.
From slo-mo cuts ("Deep C", "If The Feeling Right" which nicely samples Leon Ware's legendary song "Rockin You Eternally"), to mid-tempo house tracks  ("Burt The Journey", "Back To Me"...) or darker uptempo moments ("Iznae", "Burt Inside") the album is a condensed version of a great house night, neglecting neither the warm-up nor the dawn hours!

Courtesy of The Revenge's soundcloud page, please find below a streaming with a few extracts :

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