June 16, 2011

V4YS EP Review - Floating Points & Fatima - Follow You Ep (Eglo Records)

Ever since the release of his first EPs in 2009 Floating Points (aka Sam Shepard ) has become one of my favorite deep house producer.
He started collaborating with singer Fatima on his other main project, called "Floating Points Ensemble", which blends his deep electro vibes with an orchestra featuring a full string section. After a great EP in 2010, the Ensemble should release a first LP should soon on Ninjatune.
While at it, he also worked on a Floating Points Ep with the swedish diva and here comes the "Follow You Ep", out recently on his own label Eglo records.
Let's say it right away, while quite different this Ep is as good as the previous "Love Me Like This" and "Vacuum" EP's that I highly recommend if you have missed them.
The first two tracks "Cinammon" and "Mind" carry a delicious JayDill-esque/Badu flava with groovy beats, warm keyboards and nusoul-like vocals. Then comes "Innervisions", a downtempo song where Fatima takes centerstage with a throbbing spiritual lyrical flow. Finally, "Red Light", my favorite of the four, a splendid deep house cut reminiscent of early Saint-Germain productions, where Rhodes-inspired synths answer deep housy beats forming a perfect frame for Fatima's soulful words.
In brief : another brilliant Floating Points that deserve all your attention!

Below a streaming of "red Lights" and "mind", have your fair share of deepness!

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