October 22, 2011

V4YS Album Review - Miguel Migs - Outside The Skyline (Om Records)

Miguel Migs is a popular name with almost any deep & soulful house lover (including me). Still, when I think about it, most of my favorite records from the San-Fran man all date back to his early period  (1999/2003) and I had somewhow lost track of him since then.
This relative draught is over with the release of his third album, Outside The Skyline on Om Records.

For this new LP Miguel gathered an outstanding group of vocalists. Among them, his long-time partners Aya & Lisa Shaw, nu-soul veteran Meshell Ndeogecello, old-school disco diva Evelyn King, Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, Jamaican artists Freddie Mc Gregor, Half-Pint & Capleton and Berlin-based producer/singer Georg Levin.

Considering the backgound of these artists we're not simply talking about vocals featurings here but of true musical collaborations. The nu-soul/disco influence is obviously quite strong and at its best on groovy slo-mo vibes of tracks like Tonight, Everybody and Getaway. The heavy Jamaican presence stars as the other main attraction of the LP, bringing several great soulful housy/dub cuts (They Don't Know, Life, The System) reminiscent of vibes from bands like Beat Pharmacy or Brooklyn Funk Essentials.
Miguel Migs lets his classy deep-house sound being nicely corrupted by his guests, as a result Outside The Skyline is not another "lounge-house" record, rather an eclectic journey into modern soulful electronic sounds.

Below streamings of  Tonight (feat Meshell Ndeogecello) & Life (feat. Half Pint) :

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