November 10, 2011

V4YS Album Review - Long Arm - Organic (Project: Mooncircle records)

Organic is the second release of Russian producer Long Arm for Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle.
Since its creation in 2002 this excellent label has regularly been putting out ground-breaking music joining the dots between electronic sounds and jazz/soul/funk scenes. Having some kind of futuristic abstract beats colliding with a more classical jazzy trip-hop sound, this mini-album (or "extended Ep" as it carries 4 titles and as many remixes) perfectly fits to the label approach.
If I had to use an easy analogy, I would talk of a meeting between Bonobo with Flying Lotus's cosmic world. The add-on of  great vocals from a host of special guests (Graciela Maria, Tivanie...) gives the ensemble a sweet soulful tone allowing it to distinguish itself from your regular downtempo productions that sometimes lacks some sensitive"human touch".

Check it out by yourself with the extracts below, When We Fall and its remix by Krts :

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