November 22, 2011

V4YS Album Review - Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra) - Distilled (Naim Label)

Stuart McCallum. The name may not sound familiar, but if you love Cinematic Orchestra then you know this musician.
One of the leading figure of the Manchester-based band since 2004, he is the main reason behind the sublime guitar & strings sounds on the (now) reference album Ma Fleur and the unforgettable Live at The Royal Albert Hall recorded afterwards. Working simultaneously on several projects next to Cinematic, he just released his third solo album, Distilled, on Naim Label.
Melancholic mood on the borders of nu-jazz, ambient and downtempo, poetic melodies driven by electric and acoustic guitars, warm and ethereal sound waves, you'll find all of this in Distilled. Genuine "album" whose atmosphere is best felt when listened to in one go, it will undoubtedly delight most fans of the Orchestra who may nevertheless express one little regret : the lack of vocals. When one thinks of Cinematic Orhectra's regular muses such as Heidi Vogel or Fontella Bass, one cannot help but wonder how even more grandiose this LP could have been! Anyway, even without this icing, the Distilled cake is one of my favorite nu-jazz record this year.

Below an extract, Dr. Doctor, and a video presenting the record :

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