January 7, 2012

V4YS Ep Review - Don Da Done - Nébuleuse(s) Ep

For the last 10 years underground French Hip-Hop has been struggling to live up to the high standards set up in the 90's by now legendary groups like IAM, NTM, early MC Solaar/Jimmy Jay, Soon-E-MC etc...

Still, off and on, green shoots are erratically blossoming out thanks to underground artists trying to innovate while making a point of honour and principle to keep on writing and singing their texts in French.
Today I wanted to mention one of those courageous warriors, Normandy-based producer and MC Don Da None, who just self-released a very interesting Ep titled Nébuleuse(s) ("nebulous" in english).

Nébuleuse(s) is first and foremost a remarkable piece of trip-hop/abstract beats music.
Through its heavy bass layers, its very slow tempo and its kaleidoscope of jazzy samples, the record conveys a fascinating dark and melancolic atmosphere. Not only a  "rapper" per se, Don Da None is a complete artist putting as much emphasis on music that he does on words. It contrasts sharply with the average commercial french rap production that too often offers only a meager handful of basic loops as a rythmic support for an overrated MC to deliver his empty speech.
Talking about words, no politically-consicous message in this Ep, rather a poetic journey delivered through a deep tone and a calm flow. As a long-time IAM fan I cannot help but think of the band main MC, Akhenaton, while listening to Don Da None vocal style.

So let's sum-up : an ambitious and remarkably produced sound, subtle lyrics, well everything I wish the french hip-hop scene could offer us more often. Let's hope 2012 will bring more of it!

Give it a go with his bancamp page streaming link below :

Retrouvez cette review en français sur le site WeGoFunk.

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