February 7, 2012

V4YS Concert Review - Portico Quartet - Live at Café de la Danse - 060212

Duncan Bellamy
A few days after the release of their third LP (reviewed here), british nu-jazz band Portico Quartet was visiting the Café de la Danse in Paris yesterday to present their exciting new project on stage.

Focusing on this audacious record blending shades of electronic music to their now famous nu-jazz sound, the gig also gave the band the opportunity to reread some tracks from Isla, their previous album, with the help of digital add-ons.

Milos Fitzpatrick
Next to Duncan Bellamy, now almost turned into some kind of one-man band as confortable with his regular drums than with a myriad of samplers and beatboxes, we rediscovered with joy Jack Wyllie's delicate soprano sax and the spectacular contrabass from the mischievous Milo Fitzpatrick.

The famous "Hang", a rare percussion instrument that has almost become the quartet's mascot, was of course also part of the show, now being taken care of by newcomer Kier Vine also playing keyboards.

Rythm is at the forefront of Portico's new live show. Complex, powerful, fascinating, it ripples from Duncan Bellamy's drums and machines to radiate through the rest of the band notably thanks to the recurring use of loops that are either played live by the musicians or recorded and then reworked by samplers. At times the concert therefore almost hinges on a deep techno or broken beats/dubstep set, which has the audience almost regrets to be seated...

Kier Vine & Milos Fitzpatrick

But this live act is obviously not only about rythmic accomplishements.
The poetic signature of the band is still there, hanging around quieter modern-jazz moments where the hang, the soprano sax or the contrabass take control through beautiful vaporous melodies.

Jack Wyllie

In an hour and a half the band reveals some of his many shades. The new direction embracing the digital world clearly seems to open them an infinite number of gates and we can be pretty confident that this tour will allow them to dig deeper into this groundbreaking path.

Below you'll find a couple of video extratcs from the gig. First the deep Lacker Boo, and then a quieter moment with a special live moment mixing Rubidium from the lates LP with (I believe) Lines from the second album Isla :

Milo Fitzpatrick & Duncan Bellamy

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