March 1, 2012

V4YS Album review - FantastikClick & Sport G - Smooth Puff (4Lux Recordings)

An abstract beats/electronica fan taking a blind-test listening to FantastikClick & Sport G latest LP titled Smooth Puff would likely believe the record comes straight from the US west-coast.
Home of Flying Lotus or Dam Funk, California probably is the epicenter of this musical genre and this very-well produced album could effectively have been originated there.

But that guess would be plain wrong !

At a time where any candidate in the french presidency race loves to brag about how cool is the "made in France" concept, here would be a real reason for them to rejoy as this Paris-made LP has nothing to envy from its great US counterparts.

Third album of french producer Sport G on label 4Lux, Smooth Puff sounds like a confirmation of the composition and post-production talents of an artist who has consistently been spreading around great underground vibes for the last 4 years.

Managing once again to impress through its outstanding work on sound textures, he creates warm and cosy atmospheres supported by a wide range of rythmic frames, from deep downtempo to slo-mo house. Whatever the nature or the speed of the beats, the underlying theme remains nevertheless the same throughout eight tracks that all spread around an ambitious futuristic type of groove.

Below a couple of extract, the great abstract world of Hey and the housy vibes of Hot-Dogs :

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