April 12, 2012

V4YS Album Review - Ebo Taylor - Appia Kwa Bridge (Strut Records)

Back in 2009/2010, roughly at the same time US label Truth & Soul was giving a second youth to Lee Fields, bringing the 70's soul/funk singer back to the spotlights, Strut records was also rejuvenating and old-school artist who had somehow disappeared from the stage. With the release of the album Love And Death and the tour that followed it, the UK label allowed a wide audience to (re)discover an african music legend, ghaneian guitarist and singer Ebo Taylor.

Driving the point home, Ebo is now releasing another LP on Strut titled Appia Kwa Bridge gathering 6 brand new compositions and a couple of covers (Yaa Amponsah a traditional song from his beloved home country Ghana, and Kruman Dey, one of his song from the 70's).

Supported by his friends from German band Afrobeat Academy band and with the help of several guests among whom the tireless Fela drummer Tony Allen, Ebo Taylor once again delights us with his exotic "highlife" sound.

Built around his sweet electric guitar melodies, each track is a poetic journey supported by a recognizable rythmic frame flirting with Nigeria's afrobeat while not being as fast and furious. Among my favorite moments let's mention the splendid Nsu Na Kwan where the vocal chorus answering the horns is just irresistible, Assom Dwee where his guitar play is at its best or Appia Kwa Bridge and his cheerful horns line.

Probably the best afro/world production I've heard so far this year. Try it and I guarantee you won't be able to repress that cool smile on your face. To be confirmed live during the tour starting next month!

Below an interview/making-off  :

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