July 19, 2012

V4YS Concert Review - Roy Hargrove RH Factor - Live In Paris, New Morning - 180712

Roy Hargrove

It's already mid-july but yesterday only was the first relatively decent hot summer day of an otherwise rainy year in Paris !
Coincidence or not, the temperature just rose even more in the evening thanks to Roy Hargrove and its RH Factor band who started a series of three consecutive gigs at the New Morning club.

If I was not surprised by a relatively classic playlist focusing on their 2003 and 2006 LPs, I was once again mesmerized by their ability to sublimate the many shades of groove. 

From funk to nu-soul, from hints of hip-hop to smooth R&B, they know it all and take an obvious pleasure to take their audience from one spot to the next. 

Add to that a real "collective" approach leaving ample room for each of these world-class musicians to express themselves through devastating solos (with a special mention to Todd Parsnow at the guitar and the unbelievable nu-soul vocal solo from drummer Jason J.T. Thomas) and you understand why they undoubtedly are one of the must-see contemporary live jazz/funk combo. 

A couple of videos extracts below showing both their energetic and smooth sides, plus a 30mn summary courtesy of Sebastien D. !

Roy Hargrove

Jason J.T. Thomas

Todd Parsnow

Roy Hargrove

Bobby Sparks
Lenny Starworth

Merci à Vincent B. pour une bonne partie des photos !

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