September 26, 2012

V4YS LP Review - The XX - Coexist (Young Turks)

I'll be quick on this one as it has obviously been reviewed on most (good) music sites. Still, I have to mention uk indie band The XX second LP Coexist as it's clearly my favorite electro-indie-pop record of 2012.

Even more minimalist than their georgeous first self-titled album, Coexist is a mysterious bag filled with poetic melancholy. The voices of Romy Madney Croft and Oliver Sim sound always more intimate and intense, while Jamie XX's production talent makes the rest...even managing to include a hint of dreamy steel drums (Reunion) reminiscent of his own brillant solo productions. Massive record !

Below a couple fo extracts, Chained and Reunion (live on Kexp radio) :

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