March 12, 2013

V4YS EP Review - K15 - Umbra EP

Last year I brought to your attention the work of UK beatmaker K15. Let's enjoy more great vibes from him with Umbra, a superb EP halfway between lo-fi and jazzy abstract beats.

His myriad of samples, dreamy synths and syncopated beats have something of Flying Lotus, I guess you can find worse influences....

Extracts below, the EP is available on his Bandcamp page.

L'an passé je vous avais parlé du beatmaker anglais K15, dont j'avais beaucoup apprécié l'un des premiers single auto-produit. Il m'épate aujourd'hui un peu plus avec Umbra, premier maxi entre lo-fi et jazzy abstract beats. Sa myriade de samples, ses nappes de synthés et ses beats syncopés ne sont pas sans rappeler le son d'un certain Flying Lotus. Avouez qu'il y a pire comme filiation...
Extraits ci-dessus, le maxi est disponible sur sa page Bandcamp.


  1. I don't care about the spelling really. Found your website a few months ago and it's a good source for diverse and good music. Thanks for taking time to show us that! It's appreciated.

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  3. Thanks a lot for the support Dennis, much appreciated.

    As for the first comment, I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes, I'll do my best to improve this. My native language being french, I'm without a doubt lighter on the english spelling front than I'm in french.