April 25, 2013

V4YS Concert Review - José James - Live at Alhambra, Paris - 240413

To the risk of sounding like a broken record (oddly enough for a music blog), I'm once again gonna talk about the incredible José James !

Already back in Paris yesterday after his recent New Morning show, the NY singer once again stepped up his game to offer another authentic journey into a musical universe made of Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and Groove. 

Supported by his world class quartet (Richard Spaven on drums, Takuya Turoda on Trumpet, Solomon Dorsey on bass, and a brilliant newcomer on keyboards/piano, Kris Bowers), he gave a somehow groovier performance than his 2012 Paris shows, closer to the studio sound of his outstanding new LP No Beginning, No End.

A José James show, it's also a unique opportunity to look back at the history of american black music. This time around he paid some massive tributes to Marvin Gaye & Bill Withers in the form of breathtaking medleys, while also hinting Leon Ware and Bob Marley. Icing on the cake, the inspired featuring of Moroccan soul/folk singer Hindi Zahra, who conveyed a healthy dose of emotion and sweetness. 

Finally some more good news : his Japanese trumpet player Takuya Turoda just recorded a solo LP, which will be produced by José himself and subsequently released on Blue Note. A sure winner !

No nice pics this time (courtesy of a strict policy at the Alhambra theater), but a little video of José & Hindi cover of my favorite Bob Marley song, Waiting In Vain :

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