June 28, 2013

V4YS Ep Review - The Fontanelles - Pinprick/Criminality EP (First Word Records)

It's always a good time for a healthy draft of afro vibes. London-based combo The Fontanelles' first EP brings just that...and more !

Set-up to perform as the onstage band for the Uk version of the musical Fela!, the British crew sounds as fresh and powerful as Antibalas, my favorite contemporary afrobeat band, who actually heavily contributed to the Broadway success of the show.

Now done with their Shaftesbury Theater assignment, The Fontanelles can make way to their own joyful afro sounds. Going from heavy afrobeat to dub-influenced afro-jazz, this impeccable debut two-track EP, out now on First Word Records, will probably make you want to discover them in a hot & sweaty underground club.

Extract below :

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