September 8, 2013

V4YS Concert Review - Seun Kuti feat. Christian Scott & M-1 - Live at Jazz à La Villette Festival, Paris - 040913

In need of a "post-summer / back-to-work" anti-depressing gimmick, I could not find better prescription than spending an evening with Seun Kuti live. Icing on the cake, the Jazz à la Villette festival artistic direction once again found a special trick to make the night even more exciting by inviting one of the most talented contemporary jazz trumpet player, Christian Scott, as well as hip-hop MC M-1 from NY duo Dead Prez.

I.T.T., Zombie, Shuffering & Shmiling...Fela Kuti classics were obviously a highlight of the show but so were some Seun's unreleased original songs such as African Airways, were he once again demonstrated his ability to echo his father talent for writing fierce, cynical but always funny rumblings evoking the numerous plagues hurting Africa.

 Christian Scott splendid energetic jazz trumpet solos reminded me of Fela early days as a highlife jazz musician while M-1 offered a (too short) glimpse of his talent for politically conscious flow.

After these 2 hours of authentic afrobeat, I left the Cité de la Musique sweaty but full of positive energy, and I could not help but think that the growing baby in the belly of one of Seun Kuti's obviously pregnant dancer
must have enjoyed the vibes as well !

Enjoy some beautiful pictures coutesy of my friend Vincent B., as well as hints of this great afrobeat night with these couple of videos, African Airways & 16 minutes of joy & energy with the cover of Fela's Shufferign & Smiling featuring Christian Scott & M-1 :

Christian Scott, Paris, 040913

M-1, Paris, 040913

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