November 5, 2013

Oddisee - The Beauty In All / Tangible Dream (Mello Music Group)

Up until now the name of Brooklyn-based beatmaker Oddisee was familiar to me thanks to his great remix of José James's song It's all over your body. But following the release last month of this impressive LP/mix-tape on Mello Music Group, I now know there is much more in his musical store.

Instrumental abstract beats, jazzy hip-hop and a flurry of genuine soul/funk flavored samples dress up the first part of his project, The Beauty In All.
Then comes the flow, the witty lines and rhymes of Tangible Dream, a powerful underground hip-hop moment.

A few extracts below, LP (and lyrics) available on Mello Music Group Bandcamp page :

I actually can't resist also quoting this part of Tangible Dream' project introduction by Oddisee :

"These rhymes were written in economy class seats, these beats were produced on long bus trips & these songs were recorded in airbnb apartments. All I want to do is make music for a living so that I can live to make music. The only dreams I’m interested in are the ones I can grasp. It just so happens that anything you want bad enough can be obtained. Perhaps the world may never know of my accomplishments but accomplishments they are nonetheless."

Well said !

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