June 19, 2014

Taylor McFerrin - Early Riser (Brainfeeder Records)

I'm so into this great World Cup start, that I could not find the time to properly listen to US producer Taylor McFerrin long-awaited debut LP. I finally did this week, and I just can't get enough of it!

If you're into futuristic soulful vibes, this one is an absolute must-have, first and foremost to enjoy Taylor's talent to design ultra-deep keyboards-led atmospheres.

Another absolute gem coming from Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder!

Snippets below:

Trop absorbé par ce superbe début de coupe du monde, je n'avais pas pris le temps d'écouter le premier album attendu du producteur new-yorkais Taylor McFerrin. J'ai rattrapé mon retard cette semaine, et je suis tout de suite devenu accroc à ce superbe disque qui ravira les fans de Soul futuriste. Mention spéciale pour les nappes de claviers ultra-deep, et les atmosphères chaleureuses qui émanent de la plupart des morceaux. Une perle de plus issue du label de Flying Lotus, Brainfeeder!

June 10, 2014

Bop Alloy - Another Day In The Life Of

Beware, sunny jazzy Hip-Hop radiations coming!

Maryland-based MC Substantial and Seattle producer Marcus D., united as Bop Alloy, are responsible for this delightful self-released LP, made of faultless flow, finely picked soulful samples and insanely groovy atmospheres.

Check it out on the duo's Bandcamp Page!

My favorite cuts below:

June 2, 2014

Vibes4YourSoul Loves Edits#43 - Nu Schooz - I Can't Wait (BP's 'Waiting For The Bass Player' Edit)

There's been a couple of great house tracks nicely sampling this 1986's groove gem relatively recently.

Think of Ruben & Ra's Newer Shooz in 2011, or the 2012 explosive version from James Silk on the excellent Exploited Record label.

Still, I've always been on the hook for a cool edit of the slo-mo original versions. Here is finally one I like, from an unknow edit-maker that deserves your attention!