September 9, 2014

V4YS Concert Review - Jazz à La Villette, Year 1959 Tribute - Omar Sosa vs Miles Davis / James Carter vs John Coltrane - 060914

Bringing Jazz/Funk legends on stage is the bread and butter of large Jazz Festivals. Challenging artists to offer special experiences through specific themes or encounters is much harder to set up. This is where Jazz à La Villette's artistic direction thrives, and that's why this festival has become my personal favorite over the last few years.

Among the many interesting events this year, an intriguing "1959 special" Saturday, to bring us back to this exceptionally rich calendar year in Jazz history.

First appointment of the day, a journey with Cuban pianist Omar Sosa to share his personal vision of one of 1959 many gems, Miles Davis's timeless Kind Of Blue.
Originally set-up in 2009 for the Barcelona Jazz festival, released as an album last year with the help of The Afri-Lectric Experience sextet, Eggun is the title of this project.
Get ready for an exotic "Kind Of Many Shades", courtesy of Omar's latin/world influences. Joy & happiness guaranteed with this ArteLiveTv streaming available only for a few weeks. 

Second part of the day, to check out if saxophonist James Carter could fit in John Coltrane's 1959 Giant Steps.
Well...he could and even more! In a trio format with Gerrard Gibbs (organ) & Leonard King (drums), James blew one of the best Jazz hurricane I ever saw live. More than 2 hours of Coltrane's furor, mixed with some of his own compositions. Sweet, harsh, soft, aggressive, funny, emotional, a word free! A symphony of atmospheres to also enjoy courtesy of ArteLiveTv for a few weeks.

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