September 3, 2015

Beach House - Depression Cherry (Sub Pop Records)

I often get overly excited by records...some kind of a classic music freak syndrom. Still, I know that time is the ultimate judge as to really know if my first wave of enthusiasm was misplaced, or not.
US indie/pop duo Beach House are a great example of this. After the initial delight provided by their 2010 and 2012 LPs (Teen Dream and Bloom), both have become more than fading great music memories to me. They're essential companions, core members of my iphone "desert island" playlist, more than validating my early craze.
Obviously, saying that I've been eagerly waiting for their new LP is an understatement.

And Depression Cherry is finally here! (on Sup Pop Records)
And I beg you not to mistrust my laudatory feedback as my early craze for this new album should also easily pass the time travelling test.
And, yes,  in just a few words, Victoria Legrand is still taking us to her nostalgic and dreamy world with her unique voice and style.
And Alex Scally is still designing fascinating anthemic musical landscapes, filled with high-flying keyboards waves and finely crafted electric guitars-led melodies.
And it's still great. Actually "great" is also an understatement, let's me rephrase this to "magic".
And I don't care if the band does not clear out new musical territories with Depression Cherries, cause I just feel so good in this place.
And I guarantee you will too.

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