April 26, 2016

Prince - Controversy (V4YS Rework)

July 2010, Nice, French Riviera, 11pm.
Closing his regular stadium gig, the Kid hints at an after show in the nearby city of Cannes. Having missed the phenomenal surprise late night performance he had been giving a couple of days before at The New Morning, my favorite Parisian venue, I know I can't miss this one.

- Midnight, Cannes, Palais des Festivals Nightclub.
Here I am, alongside 100 or 150 fans straight out of the gig. Perfect culture clash with this posh club's usual summer crowd, mostly made of rich Russian teenagers. Unaware of the funky storm to come, they lavishly spend ther daily summer allowances in 2000$ champagne bottles.

- 2am, still nothing, but the little stage set-up in a corner of the dancefloor tells me this whole thing is not a scam.

- 3am, there's finally some action, it's very dark, but how not to recognize the Kid's musicians who just arrived. Sound check going on.

- 3:30am The local DJ slows things down and plays Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". No one really pays attention to the side stage anymore, as there seems to be endless technical problems. Still, I know my Marvin, and this splendid guitar solo I'm hearing is not in the original track...as I get next to the empty dark stage, I distinguish a guy on the side, testing his guitar, mic open, by having fun improvising on Marvin's tune. Guess who it was...

I'll stop here, no need to mention the incredible jam session he offered us afterwards, covering many of the classic US soul & funk legendary tunes he loved so much.

Ironically, a couple of weeks before the sad news, I had been starting to rework an old edit I had made of Controversy...so here it is, as a little tribute...let's get it on.

April 4, 2016

Terry Callier - Holdin' On (V4YS Rework)

Here is a rework of my favorite Terry Callier track, Holdin' On (To Your Love), a groove pearl made of soulful horns, touching politically-conscious lyrics and Terry's incredibly warm voice at his best.

It was released in 1978 as part of his classic LP Fire On Ice. I tried to give it a Dj-friendly nudisco touch, I hope you'll enjoy it.