October 13, 2016

Cedric Im Brooks - Africa (V4YS Motherland Edit)

Jamaican saxophonist & arranger Cedric Im Brooks is one of my most cherished reggae artist.

Actually, confining him to the reggae scene would be a massive understatement. A brilliant musician, he kept on blurring the lines between spiritual Free-jazz (think Sun Ra), Afro grooves (think Fela), Latin rhythms and, of course, Reggae.

A cornerstone of legendary label Studio One, his musical legacy is impressive & if you're not familiar with him, I urge you to dig into his most famous albums, mostly recorded in the 70's with his band The Light Of Saba (United Africa, Im Flash Forward or The Magical Light Of Saba) & get ready for some colourful funky journey.

Africa is one of my favorite track by him, an afro-funk jam whose joyful & infectious horns chorus is hard to resist. With a clear hint at the "back to Motherland" Rasta myth, Africa is also a great example of Cedric's spiritual Rastafari faith, often present in his songs lyrics.
Here is my DJ-friendly nudisco-flavored edit of it.