May 19, 2017

Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog (Captured Tracks)

When I found out Mac DeMarco had left New-York to settle in California I was scared.
I mean, it's not as if the boy needed an extra dose of coolness! He almost invented the concept, musically at least, through two albums that are already classic companions for so many indie/folk lovers like me (2 and Salad Days).

So I wondered: shouldn't we all get ready for a massive "coolness overdose warning risk" upon the release of his first west-coast-made record?
We definitely should...but as we cannot get enough of Mac's vibes, we don't care.

Finally enters This Old Dog, Mac fourth LP, and let's say it loud and clear, a new masterpiece.

Play it once, get hooked. Keep going, it's hard to stop, courtesy of Mac's ability to craft songs and atmospheres that truly are "all weather". Chill, work, drive, run, write, cook, make love to the sound of its laid-back vibes. And feel the positivity from its sweet melodies, dreamy lyrics, light and subtle orchestration, inimitable dreamy guitars lines, or slightly detuned keyboards pads.

I could go on and on pitching what I consider as the best 2017 record I've heard to date, so I'll stop there. Just thanking Mac for doing what he does: spreading true love around.

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